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DJI will release Phantom as built-in camera quadcopter


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DJI will release a Phantom quadcopter model with integrated 14 megapixel, Full HD camera, in this year’s second quarter.

Drones and aerial photography have been featured extensively in the news over the past couple of months. Phantom Vision is DJI’s answer to consumer requests of an affordable built-in camera quadcopter.

phantom-vision-camera DJI will release Phantom as built-in camera quadcopter News and Reviews

Phantom Vision’s integrated 14MP, Full HD camera is connected where the GoPro used to be seen.

Same Phantom device, with integrated high quality camera

The Phantom Vision is presented as the company’s first consumer oriented UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with a built-in camera. Although benefitting from professional grade specifications, the device is projected to be mid-range priced.

The first Phantom UAV was launched in January this year, and in the span of three months it has become very popular. The remote controlled copter’s success is attributed to users attaching GoPro cameras and photographing everything, from sport events to real estate presentations.

Though the association to GoPro helped DJI, the quadcopter manufacturer has decided to produce the Phantom with an integrated high quality camera, which captures 14 megapixel stills and 1080p Full HD video.

Phantom Vision’s built-in camera will enable live-view

There were two main reasons for integrating a camera: improved maneuverability and image stabilization. Using a GoPro, users had to wait for the quadcopter to land in order to check out footage. The second drawback of third-party recorders was the shaky “Jell-O” effect, caused by motor vibrations affecting camera mount.

Phantom Vision’s built-in camera will not only be able to isolate the dreaded “Jell-O” effect, but it can also permit users to see what they’re filming in real time, using an iOS device.

Identical to past Phantom devices, the Vision will feature a GPS-enabled autopilot mode, which is useful for holding a fixed position or for automatically returning, when it accidently steps out of its radio-controlled range of 984 feet.

Projected to be competitive against buying a Phantom and a GoPro separately, the Vision will likely sell for around $700, available starting the second quarter of 2013.

To get an idea of how the DJI Phantom glides, pictured below is a video tutorial showcasing the basics of take off and landing.

DJI Landscape aerial video collection contest

In other DJI news, the quad manufacturer is now hosting an aerial videography collection contest. The rule is: videos must be created using the professional DJI Spreading Wings S800+WooKong-M+Zenmuse Z15, only outside of the urban environment. Selected sites include The Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Egyptian Pyramids, The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and The Fuji Mountain in Japan.

Users can send in their submissions as of today, April 22, up until July 30, 2013. DJI will evaluate each video and publish the most outstanding ones in an online hosted collection.

Rewards are in stake, the winners will be receiving a high-end Spreading Wings S800+Zenmuse Z15+WooKong-M.

Segments out of the top clips will be featured in the company’s promotion videos, with all due credits. More details can be found at DJI’s competition page.

Update: DJI Innovations has posted an update on its website, revealing more information about Phantom Vision’ availability. The full details can be found here.

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