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Eerie Chinatown photos by photographer Franck Bohbot


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Photographer Franck Bohbot has captured a series of dreamy photos making New York City’s Chinatown look like an area drawn from superhero comic books or video games.

In order to catch the true beauty of a city, you must visit it several times throughout the day. Some areas look better in the morning, while some are gorgeous when the sun goes down. As for Chinatown, the one located in New York City, we can say that its beauty is better portrayed during the night.

Why would Chinatown look better at night? Well, here is Franck Bohbot’s take on this culturally-diverse area of New York.

The photographer has been born about 34 years ago in France, but now he is based in Brooklyn. When he is not doing his daily chores, he captures amazing photos. This time, he has focused on New York City’s Chinatown.

Photographer Franck Bohbot captures eerie Chinatown photos

One of the things specific to all so-called Chinatowns is that they are very busy during the day. People rushing on the sidewalks and cars squeezing on the roads are just some of the things you see, especially when visiting the “version” located in New York City.

However, this Chinatown turns into a rather quiet place, that appears to be forsaken, after dark. Empty streets and alleys, relinquished bikes and many other elements are just some of the things adding to the eeriness of the site.

Photographer Franck Bohbot has been there to capture it all on camera. Anybody could document this neighborhood, but there are few people who could mimic the dreamy shots in Franck’s “Chinatown” series.

As the place is so crowded during the day, visitors will often miss some very cool places. This is the beauty of photography as other people can show you how peaceful and beautiful a place can be when there are fewer people around.

Bohbot’s take on Chinatown looks like a scene from comic books

The French-born photographer is mostly focusing his skills on urban landscapes. He is also a fan of long exposures as they allow him to “capture the essence” of these deserted public places.

Franck Bohbot describes his photos as depicting visual paradises with an “enigmatic atmosphere.” Looking at these eerie Chinatown photos, it is hard to contradict the artist.

The shots would fit right into comic books where superheroes are keeping an eye out for criminals at night. If you are a fan of video gaming, then you might have seen deserted public areas like this one in one of your virtual adventures.

More of Franck Bohbot’s projects can be found at the photographer’s Behance account, where you can also learn more about the artist’s style.

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