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Enhanced clarity and contrast with Topaz plug-in


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Topaz Clarity features contrast and clarity enhancement technologies fine-tuned to add extra depth to each selected section of a photo.

Developed by Topaz Labs, this plug-in is advertised as a flawless post-processing solution for amateur and professional photographers alike. Being a new-comer on the market, improvements are certain to appear in the future. Halos, noise and artifacts are said to be no problem for Topaz Clarity.

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Topaz Clarity is believed to be the ultimate solution in terms of color and contrast adjustments.

Enhance clarity but keep highlights as desired

In order to enhance clarity and contrast, Topaz built several plug-ins tackling selective contrast modifications, transitions between light and dark areas, HSL enhancements, and several other masking issues.

This plug-in is compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom Aperture, and iPhoto. Over 100 presets were created to help users modify pictures as needed in a blink of an eye.

Chances are that playing with contrast controls may significantly interfere with intended focus points. In addition to that, inexperienced users working with previous similar tools usually exaggerate the adjustments.

Topaz solves these problems with a powerful algorithm that can be applied to any section of the photo at a time. Furthermore, the entire process is reduced to a few simple steps.

Make images more vivid and care less for artifacts and noise

As there are several software solutions designed to enhance clarity and contrast, some may wonder what lies behind Topaz’s assumed efficiency.

The idea is that this software breaks down the image into several contrast curves, thus aiming at precisely controlling micro, mid-tone, and overall contrast. By the use of the Clarity module, white and black levels are mastered so that low- and highlight areas are maintained.

With the help of a re-imagined masking workflow, photographers can enhance their photos according to their composition. Whether landscapes, portraits or architectural structures, this plug-in intensifies clarity faster than ever before.

And it does this with a set of tools, varying from smart feather and gradient mask to edge-aware brush. Skeptics have it that post-processing alters the natural aspect of a photo. Well, HSL adjustments seem to cancel the issue, while adding impact and depth to already crisp pictures.

Process areas of the image selectively with Topaz Clarity

Located in Dallas, Texas, Topaz Labs LLC aims extensively at the development of state of-the-art software solutions. Determined to enhance the clarity and contrast of photos in a fast and reliable way, they have created Topaz Clarity.

Even if still under continuous improvements, this plug-in could be more successful provided it will be made available for 32-bit computers.

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