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FILMography: Artist recreates movie scenes in real-life locations


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Canada-based photographer Christopher Moloney has created the “FILMography” photo project that consists of images of movie scenes put over real-life locations.

Lots of people have a list of favorite movies. They wish they could live the stories or simply visit the locations where the films have been recorded.

Sometimes movies feel like they are not real, making people believe that the locations are actually improvised, instead of existing in real-life.

Photographer Christopher Moloney has set on a quest to prove that these locations are real. He has traveled to numerous countries and cities, taking movie scenes and putting them on top of present locations.

The artist captures a photo of the whole deal and adds it to the amazing “FILMography” project, which has been featured at many festivals and exhibitions.

“FILMography” is a photo project depicting movie scenes in real-life locations

If you have ever wondered how film locations look in real life, then you should wonder no more and take a look at “FILMography”. Christopher Moloney’s photo project combines movies and photography by recreating scenes from famous movies in the places where they have been filmed.

The Canadian photographer has been traveling all over the world for many years. Among the countries visited by the artist we can find the US, Australia, Italy, Russia, Brazil, and France.

The artist is taking screengrabs from popular movies and uses perspective in order to make sure that they blend in with the real locations.

Some of the movies featured in the “FILMography” project are Good Will Hunting, Home Alone, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The Avengers, Black Swan, Men In Black, The Dark Knight, and Catch Me If You Can.

The list is a lot bigger and it continues to grow, as Christopher Moloney has traveled to New York City, Rome, Ho Chi Minh, and many other cities, while planning to visit even more cities.

Christopher Moloney’s artwork has even been featured at film festivals

This playful photo project has united movie, photography, and travel fans. The series has also attracted the attention of the people involved in the movie industry. As a result, “FILMography” has been displayed at multiple film festivals, including Cannes.

Additionally, the project has been on-display at lots of exhibitions and galleries, but we have reasons to believe that this will not be over soon.

Christopher Moloney is a Canadian photographer and deserves every bit of praise for his amazing efforts and artistic vision.

It takes a lot of work to put movie scenes in real-life locations, so head over to the artist’s official Tumblr account in order to find out more information and check out more awesomeness.

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