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First Panasonic G7 photos show up on the web


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The first photos of the Panasonic G7 have finally showed up on the web, revealing some design changes of the upcoming Micro Four Thirds camera when compared to its predecessor.

After putting this series on hold in 2014, Panasonic decided to revive it in 2015. The Lumix G family will welcome a new member next week, most likely on May 18 or May 19. Some of the mirrorless camera’s specs have already been leaked, allowing Micro Four Thirds fans to know what they can expect.

However, the leaks would have been incomplete without the first Panasonic G7 photos. Beside its specs list enhancements, the device will also come packed with an improved design that offers straighter lines as opposed to its predecessor’s rounded chassis.

panasonic-g7-front-leaked First Panasonic G7 photos show up on the web Rumors

Panasonic G7 comes with an improved design that employs straighter lines and a better texture.

Panasonic G7 photos revealed in order to detail the camera’s design changes

Panasonic’s upcoming Micro Four Thirds camera may become a top-selling device when it becomes available this summer. Its leaked specs list has taken everyone by surprise as it is more higher-end than expected, while its images are here to show a better design, too.

The Lumix G7 appears to be more modern thanks to its straight lines and a texture that looks like it has been taken from a flagship model. Overall, these leaks are contradicting the first reports about the G7, which said that it will not be a major improvement over the G6.

panasonic-g7-back-leaked First Panasonic G7 photos show up on the web Rumors

Panasonic G7’s button placement is similar to the one of the G6, as only the Fn1 and Fn3 buttons have been moved.

Button placement has not suffered many changes, but the Fn3 button has been moved to the four-way dial pad, while the Fn1 button is now placed on top.

The top dials have been altered and another dial has been added to the top left area, further reinforcing the idea that this model is higher-end than initially expected.

panasonic-g7-top-leaked First Panasonic G7 photos show up on the web Rumors

Panasonic G7 has gained another dial, which has been placed on its top left side.

Panasonic G7 specs round-up

In addition to the Panasonic G7 photos, we have to remind you of the mirrorless camera’s specs. This SLR-like shooter will feature a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor with a new Venus engine, which will allow the camera to record 4K videos at up to 30fps.

Additionally, the Lumix G7 will come packed with Depth From Defocus autofocus technology, a maximum shutter speed of 1/16000s, and a 360-degree panorama made.

Finally, users will be able to compose their shots using a 2.36-million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder and a 1.04-million-dot articulated screen. The announcement is coming, so stay tuned!

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