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Flickr updates service with 1TB of free space and ads


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Flickr has announced that its photo sharing service will undergo major changes, allowing users to upload up to one terabyte of images sized up to 200MB.

Flickr has been one of the first photo sharing websites on the internet and the home of many photographers. Since then, it has been purchased by Yahoo and its popularity started to dim. However, the two parties have big plans for the future by providing a terabyte of storage space for free.

flickr-1tb-free Flickr updates service with 1TB of free space and ads News and Reviews

This is the new Flickr user interface. It is more streamlined and it is looking more modern. To top it all off, the company is handing out 1TB of free storage space to every user.

Flickr gives 1TB of free space to everybody and ups image size limit to 200MB

The company has announced in a blog post that photographers want to share and store their image collection in full resolution. Previously, they have been limited by a small number of GBs available to them each month, but that is no longer the case, since every user has received 1TB of space.

Users can upload photos up to 200MB and full HD videos of up to three minutes. As the video quality goes down, the length of the video will go up. It is said that users will now be able to upload an image per hour for 40 years and that 1TB space would not be filled.

Three subscription models available for each type of users

Every good thing has a downside, as Flickr announced that an account’s feed will be filled with ads. The company says that this is necessary in order to generate revenue, which is understandable as photographers are now allowed to upload about 500,000 photos.

However, Ad Free accounts are available for the price of $49.99 per year. Moreover, Doublr accounts have also been introduced for the price of $499.99 per year. Doublr users will not see any ads and they will also receive double the space, taking the total up to 2TB.

Flickr Pro accounts are gone forever

Flickr has also killed the Pro subscription model, a decision which has been met with heavy criticism. Angry users are taking it to the official forums where they are demanding answers.

It seems like Flickr will contact them all to explain the changes. Nevertheless, many former Pro users are demanding refunds and they have already threatened to move to a competing service.

Flickr Android app and web feed get new design

The company has also announced an update for the Android version of its application. The all-new Flickr app for Android comes packed with a new and gorgeous user interface, while many bugs have been squashed.

A similar UI is also available for web users and it should make browsing through photos a lot easier and faster.

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