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#FoodGradients: amazing food photography by Brittany Wright


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Photographer Brittany Wright is the creator of the #FoodGradients food photography series on Instagram, which depicts beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables depending on their colors.

Photography is an art and cooking is an art, too. Composition is key in both of them, so when you combine them in a thoughtful manner, you have the recipe for an amazing end result. In this case, the artist is Brittany Wright and the outcome is called #FoodGradients.

The photographer arranges fruits, vegetables, and other products based on their color in order to capture great food photography shots. Brittany posts the images on her Instagram account, called Wright Kitchen, where her goal is said to consist of learning how to cook.

Artist arranges fruits and vegetables by color to create mouth-watering compositions

Composition is one of the most important things in photography, but your photos can become better when you add patterns and colors to them. This is why #FoodGradients looks so appealing, beside the fact that it depicts food.

Brittany Wright puts fruits and vegetables together based on their color. She gets from color to color based on the hue, while some shots are even depicting the same fruit or vegetable. In such shots, the artist puts a product from the moment it is born to the moment it is ripen.

Her technique is excellent and it creates a lot of movement. The physical transformations of the products are playing with the mind of the viewers and they will certainly make you hungry.

The artist says that she has a soft spot for the photos which depict the growth process of the veggies or fruits that she collects from her own yard.

Brittany Wright teaches herself how to cook courtesy of #FoodGradients

Beside teaching herself how to cook, photographer Brittany Wright hopes that #FoodGradients will teach people more about fruits and vegetables. A lot of people do not eat such products, but if you portray them in a different light, then maybe people will actually grow fond of them.

Additionally, you can experiment with the various flavors of the veggies when cooking, just like you can experiment with photography.

The artist does not stop to the process growth, as some ailments require cooking prior to their consumption. The series includes the birth of popcorn or toast among others.

You can follow the progress of this project on the Wright Kitchen Instagram account, which is updated regularly by Brittany.

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