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Fujifilm X-E2 release date scheduled for October 18


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The Fujifilm X-E2 release date is rumored to occur on October 18, contrary to previous details that the mirrorless camera would be launched at PhotoPlus Expo 2013.

Fujifilm will launch a successor for the X-E1 in the coming weeks. Inside sources have leaked this information recently and it appears that the camera will be unveiled in October. Up until now, it has been said that it is coming later next month at PhotoPlus Expo 2013, an event which opens its doors on October 23. However, more recent intel points to an earlier announcement, which could take place on October 18.

fujifilm-x100s Fujifilm X-E2 release date scheduled for October 18 Rumors

Fujifilm X100S will lend its X-Trans CMOS II 16.3-megapixel AA-less image sensor to the upcoming X-E2 / X-E1S, which will be announced on October 18.

Fujifilm X-E2 release date rumored to be just three weeks away

Fujifilm X-E2 will become the successor of the X-E1. It has been believed that the mirrorless camera will be called X-E1S. Now, it seems like that is no longer the case, as the X-E2 tag might have been chosen by the company.

Thankfully, everything will be revealed during the alleged Fujifilm X-E2 release date, which occurs three weeks from now. This means that users do not have very much time to wait for a new X-mount camera.

X-E1 replacement to feature X100S sensor: 16.3MP X-Trans CMOS II

Fuji is rumored to make little changes to the design of the camera. However, the internals specs will be altered. The new X-E2 will feature an X-Trans CMOS II 16.3-megapixel sensor without an optical low-pass filter, which can be found in the X100S.

The X-E1 packs the original X-Trans CMOS sensor capturing photos at 16.3 megapixels and featuring an OLPF. Amazon is selling the body-only X-E1 for $799, while the fixed-lens X100S costs $1,599.

The X-Trans CMOS II architecture sports on-sensor Phase Detection AF. As a result, the camera will focus a lot faster. The lack of an AA filter also increases image quality, but makes the camera more susceptible to displaying moiré patterns.

Touchscreen and WiFi to be added to the Fuji X-E1S / X-E2

Fujifilm X-E2 specs list will also include an LCD touchscreen, WiFi, and Lens Modulation Optimizer technology. The touchscreen will double as a Live View mode for users who do not want to use the electronic viewfinder.

As for the Lens Modulation Optimizer technology, it refers to a system that improves focus and repairs diffraction issues. This processing technique also gives photographers the possibility of using very small apertures, while restoring out-of-focus photos to pristine condition.

Meanwhile, the built-in WiFi will allow photographers to connect their camera to a smartphone or tablet in order to share photos in an instant. All will become official soon therefore we are recommending that you stay tuned.

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