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Fujifilm X30 announcement date rumored to be July 3


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Fujifilm is rumored to hold a product launch event on July 3 in order to announce the X30 compact camera that will replace the X20.

As recently as mid-May, the Fujifilm X20 was discontinued at B&H Photo Video, one of the most popular retailers in the US when it comes to digital imaging products.

This fact has opened up new discussions about a possible replacement, which has been rumored since mid-2013. The successor is believed to be called Fujifilm X30 and to be finally announced this summer.

A new source is now claiming to have the exact announcement date of the product, while revealing that the Japan-based company will also introduce another lower-end compact camera called X70.

Fujifilm X30 announcement date said to occur in early July

fuji-x30-announcement-rumor Fujifilm X30 announcement date rumored to be July 3 Rumors

This is the Fujifilm X20. It has been discontinued in mid-May. According to inside sources, its replacement, the X30, will be announced on July 3.

Without any further ado, it seems like the Fujifilm X30 announcement date has been set for July 3. This compact camera will sport a 1-inch-type CMOS image sensor based on X-Trans technology.

Previously, the rumor mill has said that the shooter will sport an image sensor bigger than 1-inch-type models. However, it seems like this is the sweet spot for multiple camera manufacturers, so it is not surprising at all that the Fuji X30 will offer a similar sensor.

Unfortunately, the source has not provided any other details about the camera, so we are still unaware of the lens that will be added to the X30. All that we know is that the event will take place on July 3, meaning that we do not have to wait much longer.

In the meantime, Amazon is selling the Fuji X20 for a price around $450.

Cheaper Fujifilm X70 compact camera should be unveiled at the same event

As stated above, another compact camera is coming to the event. It will be based on the Fujifilm X100 and will retail under the name of Fujifilm X70.

The so-called X70 is said to be a cheap model, although we are unsure which camera is the comparison source. The model is said to be a lower-end one, but the lack of details is forcing us to speculate.

We do not know whether the source is referring to the fact that it will be cheaper than the X100 / X100S or cheaper than the upcoming X30.

Rumors should not represent ways of getting your hopes very high so take this one with a pinch of salt. Remember to stay tuned, as we will publish more details as soon as we get a hold of them!

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