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GoPro Hero+ LCD camera revealed with a touchscreen and more


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GoPro has officially announced a new Hero-series camera, called Hero+ LCD, which consists of a touchscreen and wireless model of the low-end Hero announced in September 2014.

When GoPro introduced the Hero4 Black and Silver action cameras, the company has also unveiled a unit simply called Hero. It consists of an entry-level model that does not offer a touchscreen, WiFi, or a 60fps mode during full HD video recording.

World’s most popular action camera vendor has now launched a new entry-level model, but one that offers some things that the original model does not provide. It will go on sale by the name of GoPro Hero+ LCD, as it comes packed with an LCD touchscreen.

gopro-hero-lcd-touchscreen GoPro Hero+ LCD camera revealed with a touchscreen and more News and Reviews

GoPro Hero+ LCD features a touchscreen on the back as well as built-in WiFi and Bluetooth when compared to the low-end Hero camera introduced during fall 2014.

GoPro Hero+ LCD introduced with touchscreen, WiFi, and Bluetooth support

There is a new Hero camera in town and it offers an 8-megapixel sensor that is capable of capturing full HD videos at up to 60 frames per second. Additionally, the device features integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options, unlike the original low-end Hero model.

Using Bluetooth and WiFi, videographers can transfer their files to a smartphone or tablet through the GoPro App. Using this application, users can share their adventures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter among other social networking platforms.

The name of the GoPro Hero+ LCD comes from the LCD touchscreen which has been added to the camera. The display will allow users to easily control the device, to frame their shots, and to review their videos.

Additionally, the new entry-level action camera features in-camera editing, meaning that videographers can edit their movies without the need of a mobile device or computer.

GoPro’s new action to be released in the US this June, elsewhere next month

Some features available in the Hero4 cameras are also available in the GoPro Hero+ LCD. The list includes HiLight Tagging that allows users to select their favorite moments from a video when recording or during playback.

QuikCapture can be found in the new Hero, too, and it allows the camera to start recording videos as soon as it powers up. A microSD card slot of up to 64GB will allow users to record and to store their files.

The Hero+ LCD comes with a rechargeable battery that supports up to a couple of hours of movie recording. The action cam employs a waterproof casing which supports depths down to 40 meters / 131 feet.

GoPro will begin selling the Hero+ LCD in the US as of June 7 for a price of $299.99 and you can find it at Amazon. The device will go on sale around the world as of July 12.

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