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More high-resolution Canon DSLR rumors appear on the web


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Fresh high-resolution Canon DSLR rumors have surfaced on the web, some claiming that the Japanese company is developing a big-megapixel pro-level shooter, which will be announced by the end of 2014.

Amid Canon’s latest teasing campaign, which invites people to see the impossible on October 7, multiple sources have brought back some older rumors. The information is referring to the much-wanted EOS DSLR with a big-megapixel image sensor, as well as to a camera that employs a multi-layered Foveon-like sensor.

One rumor is stating that the Japan-based company will definitely announce the development of a high-resolution Canon DSLR by the end of 2014, while another one is revealing that the manufacturer is actively working on a sensor that features multiple pixel layers, just like Sigma’s Foveon-powered cameras.

high-resolution-canon-dslr-rumors More high-resolution Canon DSLR rumors appear on the web Rumors

The high-resolution Canon DSLR has previously been said to replace the EOS 1D X. However, a source has recently claimed that the first news about the 1D X successor is coming in 2015, which contradicts the new reports that the development of such camera will occur by the end of 2014.

Development of a high-resolution Canon DSLR camera to become official in 2014

The certainty is that Canon is once again teasing the launch of a new product. The company says that it will announce something that some people labeled as “impossible. The announcement will be made on October 7 and there are voices that there will be no new cameras or lenses, as the event will be focused on a new printer or photocopier of some kind.

Despite this fact, there are people claiming that Canon would not make so much fuss about a printer and such opinions are coming hand in hand with the latest rumors.

The first of them is pointing towards a high-resolution Canon DSLR. Such device has been mentioned multiple times before and, recently, one of the company’s managers has revealed that we will hear “more” about big-megapixel sensors soon.

No specifics have been given, while insiders are pretty sure that a 46-megapixel EOS DSLR is coming in mid-October. The new source states that a new body aimed at professionals will have its development announced by the end of 2014, so we should not rule out any possibilities for the October 7 event.

Canon’s big-megapixel camera could actually employ a Foveon-like sensor

The second rumor is about a Foveon-like image sensor and it is driven by the fact that Canon has patented multi-layered sensors in the past. However, such actions are no guarantee that actual products will be released on the market, but they are showing a glimpse of a company’s future plans.

Once again, an unnamed source is talking about a Canon camera powered by a sensor based on multiple pixel layers. However, there are no mentions whether this is a mirrorless, compact, or DSLR.

For the time being, all you can do is to stay tuned to Camyx in order to make sure that you get the latest details as soon as they become official!

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