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How to “Search” on the MCP Blog


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Hey everyone – this is a quick how to use my blog post – in particular how to search.  I get many comments and even more emails asking me where they can find “x” post… 

I am thinking my search button is too hidden or something so I want to show all of you how to find it.  This is an excellent way to locate old posts or to see if I have ever posted on a topic.

Here is a search box. 

searching-for-matthew-kees-900x141 How to "Search" on the MCP Blog Announcements

In it you will see I typed “Matthew Kees” as he is doing a 5 part series on flash photography here.  Part 3 is up and people are saying they cannot find parts 1 and 2.  If you were one of the ones who commented or emailed me, do not feel bad as you are not alone (I got over 10 emails and many comments).  Anyway, after typing his name – I got maybe 7 results – but here are the two people likely are looking for:

searching-for-matthew-kees2 How to "Search" on the MCP Blog Announcements

To be taken to one of these posts, click on the dark red bar with the title of the post.  It is that simple. 

Oh, and just for fun, did you know you can also find things by month and catagory too?  Here is a screen shot.

searching-by-month How to "Search" on the MCP Blog Announcements

So next time you are looking for anything from deleting preferences, to free actions, etc, just do a quick search.  Happy searching!!!

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