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iON takes a jab at GoPro with Air Pro 3 action camera


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iON has officially announced a new action camera called Air Pro 3, which is another attempt to undermine the popularity of the GoPro Hero series.

Action cameras are part of a market that will continue to grow. Driven by the desire of humans to perform various sports and films themselves or to attach these shooters to quadcopters and record fantastic aerial footage, the future looks bright for this market.

GoPro is currently the leader and it has a new camera called Hero3+. However, there are other manufacturers, such as iON, which are trying to emulate their competitor’s success with similarly-featured devices available at lower price points.

air-pro-3 iON takes a jab at GoPro with Air Pro 3 action camera News and Reviews

iON has announced a new action camera called Air Pro 3. It is capable of recording full HD videos and transfer them wirelessly to a smartphone using its built-in WiFi technology.

iON announces Air Pro 3 full HD camera for action photographers

The new iON Air Pro 3 is that kind of camera. It is the company’s latest contribution to action videography and it can record full HD videos at up to 60 frames per second.

It has been announced as an aerodynamic device and it is worth saying that it definitely looks more interesting than the square-like Hero.Air Pro 3 is shaped like a cylinder and it promises that you can take it down to 49 feet of water, though several accessories are available to mount on a skateboard, snowboard or helmet for the people who do not plan to dive under so many feet of water.

Air Pro 3 sports 12MP sensor with high sensitivity for better low-light imaging

iON Air Pro 3 features a 12-megapixel image sensor with enhanced light sensitivity, allowing users to take good shots in poorly-lit environments. A built-in anti-shake feature should also help with that, although its main attribution is to provide sharper photos and videos.

The microphone comes with a noise cancelling technology that should cut down sound “distortions” created by the wind, water or other environmental elements.

Air Pro 3 provides a 160-degree angle-of-view, which is very wide so that videographers are sure to capture all the action surrounding them. Nevertheless, it can be reduced to 150 and 140-degree values.

WiFi-enabled iON Air Pro 3 coming to the market in mid-November

The company has confirmed that users can control the device using WiFi. They simply have to install the iON application for Android and iOS devices, which will immediately grant them access to Air Pro 3’s settings.

Sportsmen can review the shots and movies, then upload them to social networking websites, such as Facebook and YouTube. They have more than enough time to do it, thanks to a 2.5-hour battery life.

iON has scheduled the release date for November 15 and a price of $349.99. Amazon is not offering the camera for pre-order for the time being, but the previous generation, the Air Pro 2, is available for $249.95.

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