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iON SnapCam is a cute WiFi-enabled wearable camera


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iON Camera has announced SnapCam at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, a very tiny clip-on camera that records or streams your activities.

Cameras have turned into devices that can log someone’s life. We have seen our fair share of lifeloggers consisting of small cameras that can be attached to your clothes or accessories in order to record whatever happens in front of you.

The latest such project comes from iON Camera, which has been present at CES 2015. The project goes by the name of SnapCam because it is a camera that is already ready to snap a photo.

ion-snapcam iON SnapCam is a cute WiFi-enabled wearable camera News and Reviews

iON SnapCam is a wearable camera with built-in WiFi and an 8-megapixel sensor.

iON Camera introduces SnapCam wearable camera at CES 2015

The brand new iON SnapCam measures only 1.5-inches by 1.5-inches, but there is plenty of room in this tiny square for an 8-megapixel camera, built-in WiFi, and Bluetooth.

The device captures 8-megapixel photos at the touch of a button and 720p video at 30fps by pressing the button twice, says the company.

iON’s new shooter will be “always on” if this is what the user wants. In stand-by mode the battery will last for one week and a photo will be captured instantly when the user presses the button.

Its battery provides enough juice for 5,000 photos or two hours of HD video recording. All content is stored on a microSD card of up to 32GB, but it can be transferred automatically to a smartphone or tablet via WiFi.

iON SnapCam can stream videos on the web via WiFi

Another trick known by the iON SnapCam is live streaming. Press the shutter button three times while connected to a smartphone with internet access and the camera will stream your adventures on the web. The battery is enough to stream up to one hour of footage.

SnapCam can be clipped on your belt, shirt, backpack, or other accessories using a magnetic clip. The manufacturer promises that the clip is “sturdy” and that your camera will not fall off your clothes.

This wearable camera weighs under an ounce, so it will not be an inconvenient to you. The company will release the iON SnapCam this April for a price of $149.99 in a variety of body-bumper color combinations.

Additionally, the SnapCam Lite exists and it costs only $79.99. However, this version does not have WiFi, so you can only share photos and videos by adding its microSD card into another device.

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