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Kenro unveils Nissin i40 flash gun with wireless TTL support


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Kenro has announced the Nissin i40 lightweight flash gun with integrated video light and GN40 flash output with support for Nikon and Canon cameras.

It has been a while since Nissin last introduced a new flash gun. The company is back and has renewed its partnership with retailer Kenro in order to bring a new product to the UK market.

The Nissin i40 flash gun is now official with a small and lightweight body, but one which offers good features for a relatively small price.

Kenro introduces lightweight Nissin i40 flash gun suitable for travel photographers

nissin-i40 Kenro unveils Nissin i40 flash gun with wireless TTL support News and Reviews

Nissin i40 is a lightweight flash gun with a built-in LED video light and wireless TTL support.

Nissin i40 consists of a so-called “love mini” compact flash that is aimed at travel photographers. The flash is weighing only 204 grams, thus it will not add much weight to your photography setup.

The retailer says that the flash can fill in the shadows even in very bright days, while lighting up the surroundings when it is dark.

The new i40 has a tilting head which can be moved horizontally by 180 degrees and upwards by 90 degrees. This is on par with most other flash guns and it should allow photographers to use numerous angles to light up their subjects.

Nissin i40 features GN40 output at 105mm

Kenro has confirmed that the Nissin i40 offers a zoom range of 24-105mm. When using the integrated diffuser, the flash will offer a coverage of 16mm.

The highest flash output is available at 105mm and it stands at GN40. According to the press release, this turns the i40 into a great flash for capturing close-up photos.

Its hot shoe is made out of metal so you can say that it is as sturdy as other conventional flash guns. A quick release is available, too, therefore users will not waste time when mounting the flash on a camera or on a tripod.

This flash gun is packing an LED video light and wireless TTL support

The Nissin i40 comes packed with a built-in LED video light which offers nine levels of light output. Additionally, a soft box is available in order to spread the light and make it more pleasant, while reducing shadows.

The flash gun features wireless TTL mode and high-speed sync of up to 1/8000th of a second. Its power comes from a quartet of AA batteries that are not supplied in the package.

Kenro has already begun selling the Nissin i40 for a price of £204 / $340 in Nikon and Canon versions, while Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Olympus mounts will be released in the near future.

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