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Kodak S1 photos appear online, revealing camera’s final form


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The photos of the Kodak S1’s final version have been leaked on the web, as the bankrupt company is aiming to be reborn later this year.

Kodak has been on an epic journey over the past few years. The company filed for bankruptcy in early 2012, citing poor sales in all of its departments, but emphasizing weak digital camera demand. However, only one year after that, the corporation is looking to get out of trouble, as it has managed to repay most of its debt.

Images of the Kodak S1 in its final form show up on the web

Earlier this year, Kodak has announced that JK Imaging has the rights for its brand now and that new cameras will be announced this year, including a Micro Four Thirds one. Since then, the camera has received a name and it has been spotted on several occasions.

Now that the Kodak S1 is practically official, the Micro Four Thirds camera has also reached its final form, which can be seen in a series of photos published by Chinese website DCFever.

Kodak S1 specs include WiFi, tiltable display, and a hot shoe mount

The photos do not reveal too much information, nor does the publication. However, it can be clearly seen that the camera comes packed with WiFi. Kodak will also offer an application for mobile devices, thus allowing smartphone owners to control their cameras from a distance or even store images immediately after taking them.

The Kodak S1 features a hot shoe and an external flash will be available, too. The flash could be useful in low-light scenarios and its price will be determined at a later date.

Moreover, the Micro Four Thirds camera features a tiltable LCD screen, which looks about 3 or 3.2-inches in size. Manual controls are available on the top of the camera, while the rest of the buttons, including user-customizable FN1 and FN2 ones, are available on the back of the shooter.

Kodak S1 release date is most likely scheduled for this fall

Kodak has not revealed a lot of details regarding S1 availability. However, the Micro Four Thirds shooter is expected to hit the market this fall along with a pair of zoom lenses.

It remain to be seen whether the lenses will be supplied by Olympus, like the 14-42mm one in the photos, or Kodak has something else in its mind.

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