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Lensbaby 55mm f/1.6 lens to be announced on April 7


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Lensbaby will announce a new prime lens with a bright aperture by the end of this week. The company is officially teasing the launch of an optic on April 7, which is said to consist of a 55mm f/1.6 model for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.

There is a company which invites photographers to “see in a new way”. It is called Lensbaby and it is a manufacturer of lenses that are mostly trying to provide selective focus capabilities along with beautiful tilt-shift effects and special bokeh balls.

If you are a fan of these lenses, then you must prepare for a new model. According to the rumor mill, a Lensbaby 55mm f/1.6 lens will be officially announced soon. This is what the insider sources have to say about the optic being teased by the company itself, which is said to become official on April 7.

lensbaby-announcement-teaser Lensbaby 55mm f/1.6 lens to be announced on April 7 Rumors

Lensbaby has confirmed that it will announce a new lens on April 7. The rumor mill says that it will consist of a 55mm f/1.6 prime lens.

Lensbaby set to announce new 55mm f/1.6 prime lens on April 7

This story started as a shy rumor which has been largely ignored by digital imaging fans. However, a few days ago, Lensbaby began teasing the product on its official Facebook account.

The manufacturer said that its new optic would be revealed this week, while confirming the actual date in recent times: April 7. In addition to this information, the company has also posted some photos depicting only glimpses of the actual product.

Either way, the rumor mill already knows what is coming on April 7. Sources say that this is a Lensbaby 55mm f/1.6 lens that will consist of a bright prime lens in a compact and lightweight body.

Its features are unknown for the time being, just like its release date and price details. Thankfully, the official announcement will take place within the next 24 hours, so there is not too much time left until everything becomes clear.

Canon and Nikon photographers will be the first to get the Lensbaby 55mm f/1.6 lens

Lensbaby 55mm f/1.6 lens will be released in Canon and Nikon mounts. Nevertheless, the manufacturer will release it in more mounts in the future. One mount that will surely get this optic is the Micro Four Thirds series.

It is very unlikely that the pricing will differ based on mount, but you can never be 100% sure before the product launch event. In the meantime, stay tuned to Camyx as we will reveal all the details as soon as Lensbaby makes them official!

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