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Enchanting photos depicting life at the countryside


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Photographer Sebastian Łuczywo proves that life at the countryside is beautiful and fun through a series of enchanting photos, showing that there are plenty of animals that will become your friends.

Working as a business adviser can be tiring, but it is all worth it when you come home from work and there’s a beautiful family waiting for you. Sebastian Łuczywo is a photographer, husband, and father. He lives in the countryside in Poland and takes advantage of his skills by capturing heartwarming photos of his family as well as the animals living at their farm.

Life at the countryside through the lens of photographer Sebastian Łuczywo

A wife and two children are welcoming Sebastian Łuczywo when he comes home from work. Agnieszka, his 35-year-old wife, playing an important role in his photography, has accepted to play the role of many popular subjects.

And then there are Jacek and Krzysztof, his 8-year-old and 11-year-old sons. Their best friends are two dogs, named Roka and Lord. They have recently gotten three more puppies, which have been called Cola, Kropka, and Grubcia.

They are playing together and their father is there for them to capture their childhood on camera in order to immortalize life’s most precious moments. The team is always up for mischief, but this is just part of childhood.

The family would not be complete without a cat as well as a guinea pig, although they are not featured so much in the photos. Additionally, several chickens will pop up in these shots, as sometimes you may forget that this is all about life at the countryside.

About photographer Sebastian Łuczywo

Sebastian Łuczywo says that he is a “sensitive man”, a thing that has helped him become a better photographer. While showing the beauty of the countryside life, Sebastian adds that he enjoys watching what is happening in the modern world.

A keen observer, the photographer is always analyzing people and nature. In order to improve your photography, you have to have a good heart, put your soul into it, observe the world around you, and work hard, said Łuczywo.

These are good words regardless of what you are doing in life. Sebastian has put them to good use by becoming an artist who plays with the light and captures absolutely stunning photos.

Hundreds of great photos can be found at the photographer’s official 500px account, so grab a huge cup of coffee and enjoy the shots.

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