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The life story of a safety pin told through photography


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Photographer Jun C has attributed human-like expressions to a safety pin and has decided to tell its story with the help of photography.

Humans have been personifying inanimate objects ever since the first form of art took shape on this planet.A lot of artists feel that they can tell a story with the help of objects in a better way. However, out of all objects in the world, a safety pin would be one of the least likely tools to feel empathy for, but nothing is impossible in photography.

Photographer Jun C tells the life story of a safety pin which expresses human-like emotions

All things considered, photographer Jun C has had a vision and he has been brave enough to make it a reality. It is the story of a safety pin, as it goes through life and shares the same feelings as a human being.

This bent safety pin is a lot more expressive then you would normally think. By looking at its photos,  you will start experiencing some emotions that you never thought that they existed in your heart.

Although it is clear that more pins have been bent, going through the entire image collection will give you the impression that there is only one main character and you are actually seeing the story of its lifetime.

Artist leaves viewers to create their own versions of the safety pin’s fate

The object is depicted as a lonely character. It sits around, looking down, and appearing sad. Its loneliness status will quickly change, as it meets a female safety pin and they seem to fall in love. Together they embark on a beautiful, but short-lived journey.

In the end, our beloved male pin ends up alone. However, this is just one version of the facts as each viewer can create a story of his own. You can choose to make it happy or maybe you will want to feel the sorrow of a very sad ending.

When a pointless object brings a tear to your eye, then you know that someone has created an artwork

This is the beauty of photography, as it can create a different story for each set of eyes. The photographers has managed to prove that even a small and apparently insignificant object can bring a tear to your eye.

Jun C’s DeviantArt page is filled with impressive photos of human-like safety pins and they are well worth the watch. Still, the photographer’s account also includes not-safe-for-work photos, therefore you should be careful where you are viewing them.

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