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LineCam Systems wants to put your camera on a zip line


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LineCam Systems has revealed a Kickstarter project, which consists of a zip line camera system, allowing photographers to capture photos anywhere, anytime.

Kickstarter is the “go-to” crowd-funding platform, which has become the starting point for numerous innovative projects. This does not mean that all of them have become successful, but here is another one which has a great chance of achieving its target.

It has been developed by LineCam Systems and it will be called LineCam. It consists of a “cable-assisted media capture”, allowing cinematographers to record fancy motion pictures.

linecam-systems-glide LineCam Systems wants to put your camera on a zip line Fun

LineCam Glide is a cable-assisted system which can be controlled only by gravity.

LineCam Systems Flow relies solely on gravity to capture special-effect movies

Lensmen can use it for capturing dramatic effects, like the ones seen in Hollywood movies. The only difference is that a setup will not cost tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, the LineCam Glide version can be yours for merely $510.

The Glide unit can only be controlled by gravity means. It can handle 20 pounds worth of equipment and the system’s wheels can be attached to a cable using a patent-pending Clickit lock-clip. This system is also very easy to setup and, as stated above, it will allow the gravity to do its part.

LineCam Flow is more expensive and full-featured solution

On the other hand, we have the LineCam Flow system. However, it is not powered by gravity, instead relying on a drive motor. It can be remotely controlled and it is running on a special electrical system, which gets its juice from a 10,900mAh Lithium-polymer battery.

Speaking of which, the battery can be recharged through a so-called regenerative breaking technology. This system is somewhat comparable to the Formula 1-related KERS, which sends a little extra power to the engine from the heat generated by the driver pressing the car’s brakes.

The Flow also features a waterproof casing, X-Drive technology for enhanced response times, and a dynamic timing system, which improves the motor’s timing to increase the speed of the camera on the zip line.

It is made out of aluminum and it can withstand 20 pounds of camera gear. However, there is a downside if you compare it to the Glide system. The LineCam Flow costs $4,535.

This may come as a shock to many cinematographers, but its creators believe that the system is well worth its price, considering the fact that professional sets are a lot more expensive.

linecam-systems-flow LineCam Systems wants to put your camera on a zip line Fun

LineCam Flow is great for action movies. Cinematographers can remotely control it and keep up the pace with their subjects.

Enough time left for the project to reach its goal

LineCam Systems consists of Nick and Larry Braun, who have received some backing on Kickstarter. There are 19 days to go and the team has raised $14,662 out of the $75,000 goal. The target amount can be reached, as the Braun family only needs to sell several more “Flows”.

It seems like the GoPro team has also praised the system and it is inviting Hero camera owners to pay more attention to LineCam.

There is still enough time, but in the meantime, film-makers can pledge to the cause and find more information on Kickstarter.

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