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Mirrorless Android Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 coming on June 20


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Samsung CEO, Shin Jong-Kyun, has revealed that the Galaxy Camera 2 will be officially introduced on June 20, along with the next-generation Galaxy and ATIV devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has created quite a buzz when it has been unveiled last year, as one of the first Android-powered shooters in the world.

As phones have become smartphones, it is only natural for cameras to become smartcameras, and Samsung is the one which will lead the way, as the second-generation Galaxy Camera is coming on June 20.

samsung-galaxy-camera Mirrorless Android Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 coming on June 20 News and Reviews

The original Samsung Galaxy Camera will be replaced with the new version on June 20. The new Android smartcamera will be a mirrorless shooter, the company’s CEO has revealed.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 to be announced on June 20, CEO Shin Jong-Kyun says

The South Korea-based company has previously announced that it is holding a special product launch event on June 20. On that date, multiple devices (Galaxy, running on the Android operating system and ATIV, powered by Windows 8) will meet the general public.

The rumor has been speculating that the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 will make an appearance next week, but this confirmation comes from the corporation’s CEO, meaning that it cannot get more official than that.

Next-generation Galaxy Camera will be an Android-powered mirrorless shooter

Several images captured with the new shooter have been leaked on the web. It appears that the device will feature a 20.2-megapixel image sensor. This could well be true, as Shin Jong-Kyun has added that the new Galaxy camera will be a mirrorless device.

Although Samsung’s CEO has not confirmed this yet, the Galaxy Camera 2 might support interchangeable lenses and the NX mount would be a good way to start, considering the fact that the 10mm f/3.5 fisheye lens has just been unveiled.

This would also mean that smartcameras will leave the “point-and-shoot” segment, moving up to the mirrorless market to play with the big boys.

Samsung stock price goes down, amid Galaxy S4 weak demand rumors

Samsung will hope that investors will turn their attention back to the company after a few rough weeks. The stock price has fallen in recent times, as analysts have determined that Galaxy S4 demand has decreased.

Analysts believed that the Korean firm would ship 100 million S4 units throughout its lifetime, but now the prediction has dropped to about 60 million.

The second-generation Android-powered Galaxy camera might help with the stocks, as well as the new Galaxy S4 Zoom, the first cameraphone which sports a 10x optical zoom lens.

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy Camera price has plunged by 58% to $420.69 down from $999 at Amazon.

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