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Mysterious Canon DSLR will be placed between 70D and 700D


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Canon’s recently-leaked DSLR is rumored to be a new model placed between the 700D / Rebel T5i and the 70D, instead of replacing either one of these cameras.

Gossip talks are suggesting that Canon has multiple DSLRs in the pipeline. It appears that the 5D Mark III will be replaced by a trio of cameras, while replacements for the 1D X and 6D are expected to hit the market by the end of the year, too.

As for the APS-C segment, the company is planning to launch at least one model in 2015, although there are some voices saying that two DSLRs will be introduced this year.

Recently, a mysterious Canon DSLR has been spotted into a photo uploaded on many of the company’s official social media channels. The designation of the camera has baffled everyone as the device is not a perfect match with any existing cameras.

mysterious-canon-dslr Mysterious Canon DSLR will be placed between 70D and 700D Rumors

This is the mysterious Canon DSLR, which is rumored to be positioned somewhere between the 70D and 700D series.

Now, a source is claiming that the DSLR seen in the photo will not replace the 70D, nor the 700D. In fact, it is part of a new series positioned between the 70D and the 700D and will bear an xxD name.

Where does the confusion regarding the mysterious Canon DSLR come from?

The mysterious Canon DSLR features a tilting screen, a display on its top, and a lock switch below its menu dial. This would suggest that it will be called EOS 80D and that it will replace the EOS 70D.

Nevertheless, the device does not have a dedicated AF-ON button, which is a must for photographers with more serious aspirations. This would suggest that it will be called EOS 750D / Rebel T6i and that it will replace the EOS 700D / Rebel T5i.

In addition, it appears that the camera will come packed with NFC because it is compatible with the Connect Station CS100. However, things are not feeling quite right, so a lot of people have begun asking questions and looking for more information.

New rumor says that the camera will be placed somewhere between the 70D and 700D

Even though Canon’s APS-C line-up is a bit crowded at the moment, it is said that a new DSLR with such sensor is on its way. The company is selling the 1200D / Rebel T5, the 100D / Rebel SL1, 700D / Rebel T5i, 70D, and the 7D Mark II.

These are five different DSLRs and if the mysterious Canon DSLR is a different model altogether, then the Japan-based company will offer six models with APS-C sensors.

Some voices say that this amount would be too big, considering the fact that Nikon is selling three models: D3300, D5500, and D7100, as the D300s has been discontinued and its replacement is not nearing its launch.

Either way, it is said that the camera will bear an xxD name, so it could be called 65D, just to show that it will be positioned just below the 70D. The speculation regarding this mysterious DSLR is expected to intensify, hence you should stick with us to grab the latest details!

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