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New Canon marketing campaign shifts focus to consumers


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Canon has revealed the project behind the “see impossible” teaser. It consists of a marketing campaign that is aimed at proving people that, if you believe in yourself, then you can get things done and turn your dreams into reality.

Amid rumors that it is preparing to launch an innovative full frame mirrorless camera and a big-megapixel DSLR, Canon has recently begun teasing the “impossible”.

The company has planted a teaser microsite on its official website criticizing pessimists, realists, and negativistic people in general. As expected, this has triggered a wave of speculations, all of which turned out to be bogus.

The countdown on the microsite is finally over, so Canon has finally confirmed what the “see impossible” project is all about. According to the company, this is a marketing campaign to tell people that it will start focusing on consumers rather than products.

canon-see-impossible New Canon marketing campaign shifts focus to consumers News and Reviews

Canon’s “See Impossible” is a new marketing campaign that shifts focus from products to consumers.

“See Impossible” is a new Canon marketing campaign that focuses on people instead of products

Canon says that “there’s more to the image than anyone thought possible”. The marketing campaign is called “See Impossible” and it has been created to stop everyone seeing this market from a product’s point-of-view. Instead, the focus will shift on the stories of the customers and how they used the company’s products to achieve their dreams.

The microsite consists of a 3D box that reveals different ideas leading to the stories of people using Canon products. The list of stories includes “Solve Your Business Challenges”, “Diagnose Patients”, “Ignite Your Future”, and “Create Your Vision”.

As stated above, all of them are telling the stories of customers who have overcome major struggles during their path to success.

A couple of videos are available, too, one showing an author who self-published a book, that turned out to be successful, using Canon services and printers. The second video is about a filmmaker who also overcomes adversity and wins an award for his movies shot with Canon cameras.

Canon will plant ads all over the web and will reveal more consumer stories

The new Canon marketing campaign will expand beyond a microsite. It appears that a slew of Canon ads will be displayed on YouTube and websites related to the Major League Baseball. Additionally, the company is now a sponsor of the CNNgo platform.

Eventually, the microsite will grow bigger and will include the stories of more people who have used Canon’s products or services to follow their dreams.

Michael Duffett, Vice-President and General Manager of Marketing at Canon, says that the “See Impossible” project is out there to send a message to the public. The company will focus more on consumers and will approach the market from this viewpoint, too, instead of only concentrating on the products as until now.

Well, as Sony continues to innovate, while others continue to launch interesting products on the market, it remains to be seen how photographers and videographers will respond to this marketing campaign. Let us know what do you think in the comments section below!

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