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New Fujifilm X100T images and release date details leaked


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A couple of new Fujifilm X100T images have been leaked ahead of the camera’s official introduction, while a Silver Fuji X-T1 has also been pictured ahead of Photokina 2014.

Fujifilm has allegedly decided to reveal its Photokina 2014 line-up on September 10. Multiple products are expected to become official, including at least one brand new camera and at least two new lenses.

The novelty consists of the X100T, a compact shooter designed to replace the X100s. On the other hand, the upcoming lenses will include the XF 56mm f/1.2 R APD and the XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR.

Recently, some photos of the X100s successor have appeared on the web. The rumor mill has grabbed a hold of some new Fujifilm X100T images, as well as a shot of the Silver X-T1, which will probably join the Black version at the world’s largest digital imaging event.

fujifilm-x100t-back-photo-leaked New Fujifilm X100T images and release date details leaked Rumors

The buttons on Fujifilm X100T’s back are slightly different from the ones found in the camera’s predecessor.

More Fujifilm X100T images hint at subtle design changes

The newly-leaked shots of the high-end compact camera are not revealing information that we have not heard before. However, a shot of the camera’s back is detailing the changes in button placement and design.

It would have been impossible not to alter the design a little bit, so Fuji has decided to make the buttons to the display’s left smaller and rounder. Speaking of the display, it measures 3-inches, meaning that it is 0.2-inches bigger than the one found in the X100s

The buttons around the 4-way dial on the back have been modified, too, with the company hoping that photographers will find it easier to use the device.

Fujifilm’s X100T also employs a slightly different dial on the rear, but users will definitely adjust to all these modifications in no time.

graphite-silver-x-t1-leaked New Fujifilm X100T images and release date details leaked Rumors

This is the Graphite Silver version of the Fujifilm X-T1. It will feature an electronic shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000s.

Graphite Silver X-T1 to be unveiled at Photokina 2014

X-T1 is the first weathersealed X-mount camera. It has been launched in a Black-only version earlier this year. Photographers desiring for a more retro look are in luck because Fuji is planning to launch a Silver version.

The color chosen for the device’s top and bottom will be named Graphite Silver. However, this minor design change will not be the only modification.

It is said that the X-T1 will suffer some internal modifications, too. An electronic shutter will be added to the camera, allowing users to capture photos with a maximum shutter speed of 1/32000th of a second. The same feature is rumored to be added to the X100T.

Although a firmware update is planned to hit the current X-T1 version, it is unclear whether or not  it contains this new electronic shutter mode.

fujifilm-x100t-image-leaked New Fujifilm X100T images and release date details leaked Rumors

Another Fujifilm X100T image. It appears that the compact camera is coming to a store near you this November.

Fujifilm X100T release date and price details

The company will release the X100T sometime in November in Black and Silver colors. The shooter will cost around 156,000, which translates into about $1,400-1,500.

On the other hand, the Graphite Silver X-T1 is also hitting the markets across the world in November for a price of 178,000 or around $1,600-$1,700.

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