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Nikon reveals new Nikon Image Space website


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Nikon has officially confirmed that its online photo-sharing service, called Nikon Image Space, has been revamped with new features that will make it easier to use.

Photo-sharing websites have become popular in recent years among digital imaging companies. Nikon launched its own version in January 2013 under the name of Nikon Image Space.

The site’s popularity did not really take off, but the company still decided to give it a new lease of life. The website has just been relaunched with improved services, which, in turn, are meant to improve the user experience or, as Nikon puts it, to make the website more convenient to use.

Nikon Image Space service overhauled with new features

Nikon has identified three major things that needed to be fixed before introducing the new Nikon Image Space website. The first is the way users are enjoying and using photos, so the new View mode now has a simpler user interface. This way, photographers can check out photos in a more intuitive manner.

new-nikon-image-space Nikon reveals new Nikon Image Space website News and Reviews

The front page of the new Nikon Image Space website.

Another tool is called Report. It has functions that allow users to see how many times a photo has been viewed as well as how many “applauses” it has received. Additionally, it can be used to check how many badges photos have received along with the latest tendencies in photography.

Badges can be earned by users with their content and they can also allow photographers to discover other beautiful shots that they might not have found otherwise.

Finally, the Organize mode is there to offer improved image arrangement and it supports drag-and-drop gestures.

Sharing images has never been easier

Nikon has also overhauled the sharing tool. Now photographers can share images for seven or thirty days, while being able to conceal image data. Additionally, users can add any credits they want to their shared photos.

The sharing options are available to all users regardless of how they registered for Nikon Image Space. Anybody can sign up using Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Nevertheless, you can register with an email and password combination. Upon completing the registration, users can filter images by tags.

The website is offering two different plans. The Basic one offers 2 GB of free storage, while the Nikon ID plan puts 20 GB at users’ disposal. This plan includes users who have registered with SnapBridge. It is also free and supports auto-upload via the SnapBridge app.

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