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New Olympus action camera photo leaked


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A photo of an unannounced Olympus-branded camera has been leaked on the web, while sources believe that this might be the already-rumored Stylus TG-Tracker.

Olympus was expected to reveal a bunch of products by the end of April. Among them was supposed to be the PEN-series E-PL8, whose photos also appeared online.

Another device that made it on the list was the Stylus TG-Tracker, an action camera with promising features. Unfortunately, neither was unveiled last month and people started hoping that the announcement event will take place this May.

Before that, an Olympus action camera photo was leaked by trusted sources and it looks like it might depict the rumored Stylus TG-Tracker.

Newly-leaked Olympus action camera photo may be the Stylus TG-Tracker

The leaked image reveals a Tough-branded camera that looks quite sturdy. It follows the design patterns of its siblings, therefore there is no doubt that this will be an action camera.

olympus-action-camera-leaked-photo New Olympus action camera photo leaked Rumors

Here is the newly-leaked Olympus action camera. It will be a Tough-series shooter and will be unveiled soon.

Its name is not visible in the photo and this is why we cannot confirm whether the device is the Stylus TG-Tracker or not. Some sources are convinced that this is it, but we are taking the caution’s side, as usual, so you should not jump to conclusions for now.

Whereas the aforementioned PEN E-PL8 is believed to become official in the coming months, the device in this image will likely show up sooner than that.

Huge flashlight or dual-lens system?

In the leaked Olympus action camera photo we can see that the device has some sort of dual-lens system. The person who leaked the shot has not mentioned its purpose or whether the top one is actually a secondary lens or not.

It might be a big LED flash in order to illuminate very dark areas. This shooter might have a serious waterproof rating in order to withstand depths of several hundred meters. As things tend to be quite dark at those depths, it would make sense to add a powerful flash that can be turned on until the battery dies out.

There are few reasons to believe that the camera will shoot 3D pictures, meaning that you should place your bets on something else, such as a flashlight. Meanwhile, the primary lens looks like it has some sort of mount that will allow users to attach external accessories on it.

The good thing is that the device will be introduced in the near future. Stay close to Camyx for the official unveiling!

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