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Inception-like New York City photography by Brad Sloan


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Photographer Brad Sloan has revealed a photo series depicting the urban landscape of New York City in an interesting way, which seems to have been inspired by the Inception movie.

There are lots of photographers who claim to be great at what they are doing, despite the fact that they are not exactly so good. Sitting at the opposite pole, there are photographers like Brad Sloan, who say that this is just a passion, while downplaying their exorbitant vision.

The Oregon-based lensman has begun taking photos in April 2009, although his passion has not kicked in until April 2012. Apparently, his wife is also a photographer and, last year, the couple has decided to purchase a second DSLR camera.

Photographer’s 3-day trip to New York City ignited his passion for photography

During a trip to New York City, Brad has picked up the other DSLR and has begun taking photos of the impressive city skyline. The Big Apple is one of the best locations for street photography and it seems like the 3-day vacation has provided enough time for the photographer to capture 3,000 images.

Since there are so many pictures, while the editing hours are limited, Sloan is still adjusting shots captured during that trip and it is not an easy task. The photographer chooses an image, mirrors it, then stitches it onto the top of the original one, in order to create Inception-style snapshopts.

“It’s a hobby, I’m doing this for myself”, says ingenious Brad Sloan

Brad Sloan is also taking urban photos closer to his home in Portland, Oregon, but his favorite subject remains New York City. He says that he does not have a style in particular, but he is doing his best to present his interpretation of the areas using imagery.

Because it is a hobby, he does not stick to a certain editing technique, nor does he start removing or adding objects in a frame. Additionally, Brad says that he is not concerned about the reactions of other photographers, as he is doing this work for himself.

Nonetheless, his New York City artwork is pretty impressive and worth taking a look. However, viewers should be aware that the shots can induce vertigo, but they will certainly be mind-blowing. Sloan has a personal website where you can check his entire collection.

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