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Nikon Coolpix P4000 coming soon with 200x optical zoom lens


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Nikon is rumored to be working on a compact camera called Coolpix P4000, which will employ a 200x superzoom lens as a follow-up to the successful Coolpix P900 camera.

Early March 2015 brought the Nikon Coolpix P900 to the digital imaging world. The bridge camera has become a instant hit thanks to its 83x optical zoom lens, which even allows people to witness the rotation of Earth when zooming in all the way to the moon.

As the sales of fixed-lens cameras are dropping, it makes sense to focus on products that bring in the profits. There is a huge demand for the Coolpix P900, which is out of stock at multiple stores, so Nikon is working on another product to impress enthusiast photographers worldwide.

This time, it is not a bridge camera, but a compact camera that will also feature a superzoom lens. It seems like it will be called Nikon Coolpix P4000 and it will feature a 200x optical zoom lens, offering a 35mm focal length equivalent of 4800mm at the telephoto end.

nikon-coolpix-p900 Nikon Coolpix P4000 coming soon with 200x optical zoom lens Rumors

Nikon Coolpix P900 has the world’s most extended zoom lens sitting at 83x. However, it will be overtaken by another Nikon camera with a 200x optical zoom lens soon.

Nikon Coolpix 4000 compact camera is in the works and has a 200x optical zoom lens

The rumor mill is claiming that Nikon is working on another superzoom camera in an attempt to reproduce the success of the Coolpix P900.

As stated above, the upcoming shooter will not be a bridge camera and will have a zoom more extended than 83x. It appears that the device will have a compact form factor and will come packed with a 200x optical zoom lens.

The lens of the so-called Nikon Coolpix P4000 will offer a 35mm equivalent of 24-4800, ranging from wide-angle to ultra-telephoto. Its maximum aperture will stand at f/3.8-10, depending on the selected focal length.

It if becomes official, the Coolpix P4000 will become the camera with the most extended zoom on the market, overtaking the Coolpix P900 in the process.

Additionally, the upcoming compact will feature a 3.5-inch LCD screen on the back and will have a magnesium alloy body. However, users will pay the price of a 200x zoom lens in weight, as the camera will weigh about 1.5 kilograms, which is not something that you often see in a compact model.

There are no details about the image sensor or the rest of the camera’s specs. However, we can say that this product will most likely be more expensive than the Coolpix P900, which is available for about $600 at Amazon.

As usual, remain close to Camyx in the event of something new surfacing on the interwebs!

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