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Nikon D3400 and more DSLRs could be unveiled this year


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Nikon is rumored to announce a bunch of cameras this year, including successors to the D3300, D610, D750, and D810, while the future of the 1-series mirrorless cameras remains in doubt.

Two premium DSLRs have already been introduced by Nikon this year. The flagship FX-format D5 has been unveiled along with the flagship DX-format D500 in January 2016, but this does not mean that there is not more to come from the Japanese company.

There are plenty of cameras which are due for a replacement and NikonRumors is speculating that it could happen this year. Such moves would make sense, especially considering the fact that Photokina 2016 will take place this September.

Nikon D3400 might show up this year along with D610, D750, and D810 replacements

Lower-end cameras tend to be replaced faster and a lot of people expected Nikon to launch a successor to the D3300, most likely called Nikon D3400, in 2015. The D3300 has been introduced in January 2014, while Canon has just unveiled the EOS 1300D / Rebel T6, so the Nikon D3400 cannot be that far away.

nikon-d3300 Nikon D3400 and more DSLRs could be unveiled this year Rumors

Nikon might replace the D3300 this year with the D3400.

A camera that is even older than the D3300 is the D610. It was announced back in October 2013 in order to fix the issues of the troubled D600, which became official in September 2012. Canon might also release the Mark II version of the EOS 6D in 2016, so a D610 follow-up might show up sometime within the following months.

Nikon may choose to substitute the D810, too, a camera released in mid-2014. This shooter replaced both the D800 and D800E, albeit it was a minor evolution of the two cameras. A significant upgrade is expected and nobody would mind if it comes this summer.

One of the most expected DSLRs at Photokina 2014 was the D750. This DSLR served as a true heir to the D700 and as a true competitor to the EOS 5D Mark III. The 2016 edition of the world’s largest event is on its way and it would be a great place to introduce the D750 successor.

Canon will launch the 5D Mark IV (or 5D X) this April with 4K video recording, so Nikon will be forced to keep up the pace this time.

New Df-styled DSLR coming in 2017, while mirrorless series’ future remains unknown

There are some products which have lower chances of showing up on the market this year. The first is another Df DSLR with a retro design. Nikon will celebrate its centennial in 2017 and a new Df camera is rumored to be part of this milestone.

Unfortunately, there is a prolonged silence regarding the 1-series mirrorless cameras. It has been a while since the company last introduced a MILC and it does not seem like another unit is coming anytime soon.

Moreover, the company was rumored to be developing a full-frame or medium format mirrorless shooter a long time ago. However, no new details have been leaked in recent times.

Whatever happens next, one thing is clear: Nikon is doing a better job at keeping secrets. Leaks are fewer, so you should not act surprised if a new camera or lens is announced out of the blue.

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