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Nikon D810 is the name of the D800 and D800E replacement


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The DSLR camera that will replace both the D800 and D800E will be called Nikon D810 instead of D800s, as previously reported, and will definitely be announced on June 26, source says.

A lot of Nikon D800/D800E replacement rumors have circulated on the internet in recent times. The DSLR camera was believed to be called D800s. However, inside sources have told us right from the start that the name is not final and it may change. According to the latest information, the naming scheme has been altered indeed and will actually follow the one of the D600 series. As a result, the upcoming shooter will be called Nikon D810.

nikon-d800e-replacement-name Nikon D810 is the name of the D800 and D800E replacement Rumors

Nikon D800E’s replacement is rumored to be called D810, instead of D800s, as previously stated. Either way, the DSLR camera is coming on June 26.

Nikon D810 is the name of the DSLR camera replacing both the D800 and D800E on June 26

A highly-reliable source, who has been right on previous occasions, has confirmed that Nikon’s upcoming DSLR will go around by the name of D810.

It would be hard to call this surprising because the Japan-based company has already done something similar in late 2013. The D600, a camera riddled with issues, has been substituted by the D610, which is somewhat of a new naming scheme.

The source has also reiterated the fact that the Nikon D810 announcement date is June 26. This is something that was established exactly one week ago, so if you want to be the first to know everything about it, just mark this date on your calendar and stay tuned to our website.

The rumored specs of the Nikon D810, formerly-known as D800s

It appears that the specs list of the DSLR camera has not suffered any changes since the last time we spoke about it.

The Nikon D810 will feature a 36-megapixel sensor without an optical low-pass filter, EXPEED 4 image processor, improved shooting algorithm to cut down moiré, high-res display on the back, and a continuous shooting mode of up to 5fps.

This DSLR will provide enhanced video recording features, autofocus performance, and low-light capabilities. In addition, it will support RAW S shooting mode.

Nikon will also add GPS into the D810, although WiFi will be left out. The DSLR will be manufactured in Thailand, instead of Japan like its predecessors.

Its price will be set higher than that of the D800E, which is available at Amazon for around $3,300. Despite all these new features, the D810 will be lighter than both the D800 and D800E.

Overall, this sounds like an exciting camera, so stick with us for the official announcement!

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