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Nikon P7800 compact camera and LD-1000 LED announced


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Nikon has announced a replacement for the Coolpix P7700 compact camera in the body of the P7800, which features a built-in electronic viewfinder, and the new LED Movie Light.

Seeing how Sony is making all the headlines with its super-duper QX100 and QX10 lens-style cameras, Nikon has decided that enough is enough and it has responded with a new compact shooter and an LED light useful for recording movies in dark environments.

nikon-p7800 Nikon P7800 compact camera and LD-1000 LED announced News and Reviews

Nikon P7800 replaces the P7700 by adding a built-in electronic viewfinder.

Nikon announces P7700 replacement: Coolpix P7800 with an integrated electronic viewfinder

At the first sight, it does not seem like much has changed, but when compared to the P7700, the Nikon P7800 provides a new feature that will definitely attract more customers. A 921K-dot electronic viewfinder has been added into the Coolpix shooter, allowing enthusiasts to frame their shots like professionals.

The design has suffered minor changes, as the button placed on the top-left side of the camera has had to be reassigned in order to make room for the EVF.

nikon-p7800-evf Nikon P7800 compact camera and LD-1000 LED announced News and Reviews

The new Nikon P7800 EVF has forced the company to make some design changes, as the quick-control dial has been removed to make room for the viewfinder.

Nikon P7800 specs include 12.2MP CMOS sensor and 7.1x optical zoom lens

The device captures photos with the help of a 1/1.7-inch-type backlit CMOS 12.2-megapixel image sensor and a 7.1x optical zoom lens providing a 35mm equivalent of 28-200mm. The maximum aperture ranges between f/2 and f/4, depending on the selected focal length.

The Japanese company added that it does not matter if you have shaky hands, as the camera comes packed with lens-shift Vibration Reduction technology, which should help you by stabilizing the image.

Nikon Coolpix P7800 is capable of recording full HD videos at 30fps with stereo sound support. Users can create pro-like movies thanks to an articulated 3.2-inch LCD screen.

The ISO sensitivity ranges between 80 and 3,200 and the shooter also has a burst mode of up to 8 frames per second for six frames in a row.

nikon-p7800-articulated-screen Nikon P7800 compact camera and LD-1000 LED announced News and Reviews

Nikon P7800 articulated screen is a major advantage over its rival, the Canon G16. However, the PowerShot camera has built-in WiFi.

Battle of the premium compacts: Nikon Coolpix P7800 vs Canon PowerShot G16

Nikon will market the Coolpix P7800 as a higher-end camera. It is considered a competitor for the recently-announced Canon PowerShot G16. However, its rival features WiFi, though it is lacking an articulated screen.

The P7800 could get WiFi capabilities by mounting a WU-1a on the camera. Amazon is selling this Nikon wireless mobile adapter for $58. The two cameras offer integrated flash unit, tripod mount, and a hot shoe mount for attaching accessories.

Both share similar prices, with the Nikon unit costing $549.95 and the Canon one retailing for $549.99.

nikon-p7800-back Nikon P7800 compact camera and LD-1000 LED announced News and Reviews

Nikon P7800 back is the home of the 3-inch articulated LCD screen and the navigation menu buttons.

Nikon P7800 release date and pre-order information

Nikon P7800 is available for pre-order for an amount of $546.96 at Amazon. On the other hand, the Canon G16 costs $549.99 at the same retailer.

The Coolpix camera will begin shipping at the end of September, while the PowerShot unit will hit stores after the first week of October.

nikon-ld-1000-led Nikon P7800 compact camera and LD-1000 LED announced News and Reviews

Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light is an accessory aimed at Coolpix and 1 cameras. It lights up dark scenes and it will be released this October.

Nikon introduces LD-1000 LED Movie Light for Coolpix and 1 cameras

The Nikon LD-1000 LED Movie Light has also been announced. Photographers can attach it to all Coolpix and 1-system cameras using its bracket, which can be mounted on the tripod support.

The company says that the  LD-1000 LED light can be detached from its bracket and be held in hand, in case you want a different lighting direction while recording videos or taking photos at night.

This accessory has been set for an October release date and a price of $99.95. It can already be pre-ordered at Amazon for a price of $96.95.

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