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Nissin Di700A flash and Commander Air 1 radio system announced


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Nissin has announced a special version of the Di700 flash gun. It is called Di700A and it is the company’s first flash to come packed with support for the Nissin Air System radio transmission.

One of the most popular flash guns released by Nissin is the Di700 model. The company has decided to build on this product’s success, so it has announced the Di700A and the Commander Air 1 system.

The Di700A is the first Nissin flash to support the company’s Air System wireless radio transmission system. It comes with support for three different channels and it allows users to control up to 21 other flash guns.

nissin-di700a Nissin Di700A flash and Commander Air 1 radio system announced News and Reviews

The new Nissin Di700A flash gun supports a high-speed sync of 1/8000s.

Nissin Di700A revealed with 2.4GHz radio transmission support

Instead of relying on optical technology to control flashes without the use of wires, manufacturers retort to radio systems. Radip systems have been around for many years and they are an essential part of using off-camera flash guns as efficiently as possible.

Nissin, a third-party flash maker, has decided to introduce the Nissin Air System radio transmission technology. The first model to use this system is called Di700A and it is based on the Di700, a flash which was released back in 2013.

The system supports 2.4GHz radio transmission and it will allow users to control up to 21 flash guns that support NAS. The system is used in combination with Commander Air 1, offering three radio channels, supporting up to seven heads per channel.

According to the company, the technology has a radius of 30 meters, so you should be able to stand far from your flash guns during a photo shoot.

commander-air-1 Nissin Di700A flash and Commander Air 1 radio system announced News and Reviews

Nissin Commander Air 1 can control up to 21 flash guns compatible with the Nissin Air System 2.4GHz radio technology.

Nissin Air System will become available this month for Canon and Nikon DSLRs

The Nissin Di700A flash fun supports a range between 24mm and 200mm and offers a guide number of GN48 at 105mm and ISO 100. It has a maximum recycle time of just 0.1 seconds and it offers up to 1,500 flashes on a single charge.

Its maximum high-speed sync stands at 1/8000th of a second and it supports wireless TTL. In addition, it offers a 3.5mm PC sync port. The flash is powered by four AA batteries. It will be released this month for a price around $238.

On the other hand, the Commander Air 1 allows users to control Nissin flash guns and it requires three AAA batteries to function. As stated above, it can control up to 21 flash units. Its specs list includes support for first and second curtain sync. It will become available this month for $75.

A Nissin Di700A and Commander Air 1 kit will set you back $258, so it would be better to buy these two together. The company has confirmed that the kit will be compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLRs, while Sony compatibility is coming in May.

Finally, the manufacturer has revealed that Nissin flash guns without NAS compatibility will get a radio receiver soon. This way, users will be able to control them using the Commander Air 1. More information can be found at the company’s website.

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