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First Olympus Stylus 1 photos leaked on the web


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The first photos of the Olympus Mini OM-D camera have been leaked on the web with confirmation that the device will be referred to as “Stylus 1”.

Not very long ago, the rumor mill has learned that Olympus is working on a new camera with a fixed-lens. The device is rumored to feature an OM-D-like design, but it is to be very small, which appears to be the trend as the Panasonic GM1 and the Fujifilm XQ1 are both tiny shooters.

It appears that people familiar with the matter have managed to acquire some images of the alleged camera. The leaked photos reveal some surprises but they confirm its name and the fact that it will feature a design based on the OM-D series.

stylus-1 First Olympus Stylus 1 photos leaked on the web Rumors

Olympus will announce a Mini OM-D camera soon. It will be called Stylus 1, as demonstrated by the first leaked photo of the device.

Olympus Stylus 1 photos leaked, reveal collapsible zoom lens and retractable cap

According to the shots, the Olympus Mini OM-D will be called Stylus 1 and will feature a collapsible zoom lens. The design is rather interesting as it appears that the lens will retract, while its cap appears to be automatic.

Having an auto lens cap would be very useful, as it would cover the optic as soon as users turn off the camera, but this information needs to be proven first before being taken for granted.

stylus-1-back First Olympus Stylus 1 photos leaked on the web Rumors

OIympus will add a tilting screen on the Stylus 1 back and an electronic viewfinder among others.

Olympus Mini OM-D aka Stylus 1 to feature built-in EVF, 1/1.7-inch-type sensor, and 24-300mm lens

The Olympus Stylus 1 photos reveal that the shooter will sport a built-in electronic viewfinder with a hot shoe mount on top. Additionally, the display is tiltable and judging by its looks, it may be a touchscreen, too.

Trusted sources claim that the Mini OM-D will feature a 1/1.7-inch-type sensor and that the zoom lens will provide a 35mm equivalent of 24-300mm.

Announcement rumored to have been scheduled for October 29

Olympus will introduce the Stylus 1 on October 29 during a special event. It will probably become the company’s high-end compact camera therefore it will have a hefty price tag. According to inside sources, it will cost 70,000 yen in Japan, which is roughly $715 in the US.

In theory, the Olympus Stylus 1 is very well-equipped to take on the Sony RX100 II, Fujifilm XQ1, and other premium compact cameras. However, we still have to witness its launch and to find out its full specifications list.

As usual, remember that this is based on a rumor so take it with a pinch of salt and stay tuned for more details!

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