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Olympus Stylus SP-100 is world’s first camera with a dot-sight


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Olympus Stylus SP-100 superzoom bridge has become the world’s first camera with an integrated dot-sight, called Eagle Eye, allowing photographers to easily track subjects in the frame.

After introducing the new OM-D E-M10 camera, Olympus has moved on to its series of compact shooters. The company has announced a breakthrough camera that will make focusing feel like hunting, thanks to a built-in dot-sight that goes by the name of Eagle Eye.

Olympus announces world’s first camera with a dot-sight

olympus-stylus-sp-100-dot-sight Olympus Stylus SP-100 is world's first camera with a dot-sight News and Reviews

The dot-sight on the new Olympus Stylus SP-100 is placed above the electronic viewfinder. It is called Eagle Eye and it is the first camera in the world to pack such feature.

Olympus Stylus SP-100 is the new superzoom bridge camera, the first to actually feature a dot-sight. The Eagle Eye will reduce the burden of tracking moving subjects when trying to capture a quick photo and even when shooting videos.

The new SP-100 is also great for taking photos in fast-action sports, such as soccer or football, or in wildlife photography. Bird hunting has never been better and you can also use a 50x optical zoom lens that provides a 35mm equivalent between 24 and 1200mm.

Furthermore, the new bridge camera sports a 2x digital zoom, thus enhancing the zooming capabilities to a total of 100x, leading to a 2400mm focal length equivalent.

The Eagle Eye has been placed right on top of the 920K-dot LCD electronic viewfinder, which also lifts up the flash when in use. The EVF has been designed to reduce the physical contact between the photographer and the body of the camera.

WiFi-enabled Olympus SP-100 is powered by E-M1-like processor

olympus-stylus-sp-100-front Olympus Stylus SP-100 is world's first camera with a dot-sight News and Reviews

Olympus Stylus SP-100 is the latest addition to the company’s bridge camera line-up and will be released on the market in March 2014.

The new Olympus SP-100 features a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor with TruePic VII image processor. It features manual mode, therefore it is not aimed only at beginner photographers.

A Super Macro feature is available, allowing the camera to focus on subjects located at a distance of just one centimeter.

Lens-shift image stabilization technology is provided, so that subjects will not turn out blurry when using the lens at its longer telephoto ends.

Full HD video recording is supported at 60 frames per second. However, the frame rate can be increased at 120fps and 240fps with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and 320 x 240 pixels, respectively.

After capturing the content, there is no need to connect the camera to a computer, as users can benefit from the built-in WiFi option to transfer files to a smartphone or tablet without any cables.

Eagle Eye and Olympus Stylus SP-100 to be released in March at an affordable price

olympus-stylus-sp-100 Olympus Stylus SP-100 is world's first camera with a dot-sight News and Reviews

Olympus Stylus SP-100 is a bridge camera with a 50x optical zoom lens, offering a 35mm equivalent between 24mm and 1200mm.

Olympus has added an ISO range of 125-6400, which can be maxed out to 12,800 with the help of built-in settings. The maximum aperture stands between f/2.9 and f/6.5, depending on the focal length.

The shutter speed is not among the best you have ever seen, but it ranges between the decent values of 1/1700th of a second and 30 seconds. A continuous shooting mode is present, too, allowing photographers to capture 7fps.

The Stylus SP-100 measures 121 x 91 x 13mm and weighs 589 grams including the batteries. It has an SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, a USB 2.0 port, and an HDMI port.

On the back, a 3-inch 460K-dot LCD screen is fixed and also acts as a Live View mode. Olympus will release this camera in March 2014 for a price of $399.99.

Potential buyers can pre-order the new bridge camera at Amazon, though the retailer is claiming that it will reach their homes on April 20.

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