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Panasonic GH 4K camera to be released in 1H 2014


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The Panasonic GH 4K camera continues to be a part of the rumor mill, which is now claiming that the Micro Four Thirds shooter will be released in 1H 2014.

Micro Four Thirds cameras, such as the Panasonic GX7 and Olympus E-M1, have been some of the most rumored devices of 2013 before their recent official announcements. More and more photographers are opting to switch to the MFT mount for various reasons, including the design of these shooters. Panasonic and Olympus are working hard to deliver new goods to the users and it seems like the next solutions will be presented during the first half of 2014.

Panasonic and Olympus to launch new Micro Four Thirds cameras in 2014

Inside sources have revealed that the so-called GH 4K or GH4 will be introduced to the market by the end of June, while a new OM-D will be released sometime in February next year. If Panasonic has decided to take the high-end route, Olympus has chosen the entry-level one, though the device is said to employ some of the specifications found in the E-M5.

panasonic-gh-4k Panasonic GH 4K camera to be released in 1H 2014 Rumors

Panasonic GH 4K is rumored to be a video-centric camera built around the GH3, but with 4K movie recording capabilities.

New Panasonic MFT camera to record 4K videos

The Panasonic GH 4K camera will feature a 16-megapixel sensor with a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second. The screen will offer a one million dot resolution and will be based on OLED technology. The built-in electronic viewfinder will use OLED tech, will measure 21mm, and will feature a three million dot resolution. It will be a video-centric camera capable of recording 4K videos at 30 frames per second. The video capabilities also include 200Mbps MP4 and 100Mbps IPB support with 4:2:2 10-bit output. According to trusted sources, 3G-SDI and XLR adapter will be supported by the shooter, while many other features will please videographers. All of these will raise the camera’s price up to €2,799.

Olympus to release entry-level OM-D shooter with E-M5 specs

As stated above, the new entry-level Olympus OM-D camera will borrow some of its specifications from the OM-D E-M5. However, it is unknown which features will make their way into the upcoming device. The E-M5 is available at Amazon for a price of $899. The lower-end shooter will not replace the higher-end E-M5, just like the GH3 will not be substituted by the Panasonic GH 4K. More information should be leaked soon therefore you should stay tuned to find out everything about the future of the Micro Four Thirds format.

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