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Panasonic GM1 rumored to feature hybrid shutter after all


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The Panasonic GM1 is rumored to feature a hybrid mechanical-electronic shutter after all, contrary to previous reports saying that it will sport an electronic-only one.

Micro Four Thirds cameras are usually powered by mechanical shutters. Newer models come with a hybrid one, which includes both electronic and mechanical parts.

The Panasonic GM1 is rumored to become the next Micro Four Thirds shooter. Previously, sources have revealed that the device will pack an electronic-only shutter therefore becoming the first ever MFT system to do so.

hybrid-shutter Panasonic GM1 rumored to feature hybrid shutter after all Rumors

Panasonic GF3 is preparing to leave the “smallest Micro Four Thirds camera” crown to the GM1, a shooter which is now rumored to feature a hybrid shutter instead of an electronic-only one.

New Panasonic GM1 rumor says that the camera will feature an electronic-mechanical shutter

Nevertheless, another source appears to claim otherwise. It is pretty hard to decide which one is true, as both sources are highly-trusted and there is no reason for them to give false information.

Either way, a person familiar with the matter says that the so-called Panasonic GM1 will indeed feature an electronic-mechanical shutter, which is common to Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Brand new hybrid shutter system for the Panasonic GM1

This is a pretty major contradiction between the sources, but there may be a reason for that. Panasonic is definitely testing more prototypes of the camera and one of them might feature an electronic-only version, while others could be powered by a hybrid unit.

Still, the new information says that this is a new type of hybrid shutter. Panasonic has never implemented this technology into its cameras, so the GM1 will be the first to benefit from such a system.

Panasonic GM1 and 12-32mm zoom lens to be unveiled on October 10

Before its launch, it is worth noting that the Panasonic GM1 will allegedly become the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera ever. Apparently, it is the size of the Sony RX100, making it even smaller than the GF3.

It will be revealed alongside a cheaper 12-32mm non-PZ lens on October 10. The 12-32mm lens is said to be a pancake-like zoom optic which will be offered as a kit along with the GM1.

The same event will also mark the announcement of the Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 lens for MFTs. Everything is reportedly scheduled for October 10 therefore stay tuned to Camyx to find out all the details.

Meanwhile, the GH3 is prepared to drop the smallest MFT crown with a 60% price reduction at Amazon. The camera is available for only $199 at the retailer.

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