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Panasonic Lumix LX8 launch date delayed until late August


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Panasonic is now rumored to have delayed the announcement of its LX8 high-end compact camera until late August 2014, instead of July 16, like previously believed.

It has been well-known that Panasonic is preparing to launch a new high-end compact camera in mid-July for quite some time now. Inside sources have reported that the LX8 is scheduled to substitute the LX7 on July 16, two years after the introduction of its predecessor.

In the meantime, a lot of specifications and features have been leaked on the web. However, multiple trusted people have revealed that the announcement event of the Panasonic LX8 will actually take place sometime in late August instead of mid-July.

Panasonic Lumix LX8 launch date now rumored to take place in August instead of July

panasonic-lumix-lx7-white Panasonic Lumix LX8 launch date delayed until late August Rumors

This is the Panasonic Lumix LX7. The compact camera was supposed to be replaced this July. However, reliable sources have confirmed that the Lumix LX8 is actually coming this August.

The reason why the Panasonic Lumix LX8 launch date has been delayed is unknown. It is very possible that the company was not actually planning to reveal its high-end compact camera on July 16.

Surely, there are other possibilities, too, but the lack of official information means that it is pointless to speculate even further about the alleged announcement event of the camera.

The good thing is that top sources have said the same thing: the shooter will meet the public towards the end of August. This means that the Lumix LX8 will be ready for Photokina 2014, which opens its doors to visitors in mid-September.

Panasonic LX8 specs recap

When it becomes official, the Panasonic LX8 will feature a large 1-inch-type image sensor, a 24-90mm zoom lens (35mm focal length equivalent), maximum aperture of f/2-2.8, articulated touchscreen, and a new image processor with improved JPEG processing algorithm.

Additionally, the compact camera will sport a built-in electronic viewfinder, auto-closing lens cap, integrated neutral density filter, and 4K video recording.

It will compete against the Sony RX100 III, another high-end compact shooter, but one which does not feature the ability to record movies at 4K resolution.

Separate sources have indicated that the LX8 will employ a 5-axis image stabilization technology and weathersealing.

The Panasonic LX7 is currently available at Amazon for a price around $400, while its replacement will cost around $800.

High-end compact camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor may be unveiled alongside the LX8

It is worth mentioning the fact that Panasonic may be working on another premium fixed lens camera. This is not the same model as the LX8, instead consisting of a compact shooter with a Micro Four Thirds image sensor.

Such possibility has been speculated in the past, but it has never become a reality. This idea has resurfaced recently, so there is a strong chance that it may be revealed along with the LX7 replacement in August.

Take these gossip talks with a pinch of salt and stay tuned to Camyx!

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