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Panasonic LX8 price and more specs leaked on the web


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The recently-rumored Panasonic LX8 high-end compact camera is now believed to be capable of recording 4K videos and its price will stand at about $800.

A new shooter will enter the battle in the high-end segment of the compact camera business. After Sony launched the RX100 III, it is the turn of the PlayStation maker’s rivals to launch their own models. One of them is said to be the Panasonic LX8, the replacement of the LX7, which is rumored to be unveiled on July 16.

Inside sources have leaked more details about the device. According to a person familiar with the matter, the compact camera will record 4K videos and will be able to do so for a price of only $799, essentially becoming the cheapest 4K camera on the market.

panasonic-lx7-successor Panasonic LX8 price and more specs leaked on the web Rumors

Panasonic LX7 successor will be called LX8 and will record videos at 4K resolution.

Panasonic’s upcoming LX8 compact camera will shoot 4K videos

The specs list of the Panasonic LX8 is shaping up nicely. The compact camera has been said to feature a 1-inch-type image sensor, which is larger than the 1/1.7-inch-type sensor available in the LX7.

When compared to its predecessor, the LX8 is also getting a built-in electronic viewfinder. Such option is present in the RX100 III, a compact that has attracted plenty of positive reviews since its introduction.

Now we will have to add 4K video capturing into the mix. However, this capability is not provided by Sony’s shooter, so you can say that the Panasonic LX8 will have the edge over the RX100 III when it comes to video recording, as the Lumix shooter will become the cheapest and most compact 4K video recording camera on the market.

Panasonic LX8 price rumored to be $799

Panasonic has been refreshing its Lumix LX-series once every couple of years. The LX7 has become official two years ago on July 18. As stated above, its successor is coming on July 16.

The LX7 features a 10.1-megapixel sensor, a lens with a  35mm focal length equivalent of 24-90mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.4-2.3, 3-inch LCD screen, full HD video recording,  maximum ISO of 12,800, and a continuous shooting mode of up to 11fps.

The rumored Panasonic LX8 price tag is $799, which is quite a raise when compared to its forerunner. The LX7 has been released for $499, while its current price tag stands at about $350 at Amazon.

Panasonic’s price tag for the LX8 will be on par with the Sony RX100 III, a compact camera that can be purchased for a little under $800 at Amazon.

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