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Pentax to announce APS-C compact camera and five new DSLRs soon


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Pentax will reveal its camera lineup for 2013 in the near future, consisting of up to five DSLRs and one APS-C shooter to rival the Nikon Coolpix A.

Pentax said that it will not be out of the camera business and that consumers would see more devices by the end of 2013. The company is rumored to fulfill its promise in the coming weeks, with the help of up to five new DSLR cameras and a premium compact shooter, which will feature an APS-C-sized image sensor.

pentax-aps-c-compact-camera-rumor Pentax to announce APS-C compact camera and five new DSLRs soon Rumors

Pentax may announce a new compact camera in the near future. However, the shooter will have a APS-C format image sensor, instead of a 1/1.7-inch one.

One APS-C compact camera and up to five new DSLRs coming very soon

The new DSLRs will be aimed at all types of consumers, including professionals who want to get their hands on a full-frame Pentax shooter. The rumor has not been officially confirmed yet, but leaked details also point to a new full-frame camera from Pentax, as the five DSLRs will feature prices ranging between $400 and $2,000.

Additionally, the company will finally unveil a compact camera featuring an image sensor the size of an APS-C one. The premium compact camera will sell for a price of $700, an amount which is $400 smaller than the one Nikon Coolpix A customers will be forced to pay.

Other competitors of the Pentax APS-C camera are the Fujifilm X100 and Sony RX1, despite the fact that the latter has a full-frame sensor. However, the rumored APS-C compact camera is cheaper than both Fujifilm’s and Sony’s shooters.

Pentax’ APS-C compact camera could be Ricoh’s GR Digital V

A source believes that the Pentax APS-C sensor camera is actually the Ricoh GR Digital V shooter, which will serve as a direct replacement for the GR Digital IV.

Ricoh purchased Pentax in 2011, admitting that it would like to conquer the DSLR and mirrorless interchangeable lens camera markets. Unfortunately, the two parties have not managed to secure a safe market share due to strong competition and overall declining sales.

Things may change with the launch of the five new DSLRs and one APS-C format cameras. For the time being, this is just gossip and the companies have yet to confirm a product launch event for late March or early April. If the rumors are true, then we will find out the full details in the following weeks.

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