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Photographer remodels Munich building in 88 different ways


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Photographer Víctor Enrich has captured an interesting photo of a building in Munich, Germany and then has re-imagined it into 88 different ways.

Barcelona-based photographer Víctor Enrich has graduated the School of Architecture in his hometown. His first interests have been related to music and those piano lessons have certainly helped him nurture his creativity.

Víctor Enrich abandoned 3D visualization to pursue a career in photography

The photographer has also developed skills in architecture, geography, and computers, so, as a result, he has graduated the aforementioned architecture school. He went on a 9-year career in 3D Architectural Visualization, but has decided to leave it in 2006 in order to pursue his artistic dreams.

Víctor Enrich has traveled around the world and has visited countries such as Israel and Latvia, although an interesting trip has taken him to Munich, Germany. “Art” is now his main domain of activity and photography is an important part of it along with image editing.

Getting back to the Munich part, he has photographed an interesting building during his visit and has made the wise decision of turning it into his next project, called NHDK.

Same Munich building re-imagined in 88 different ways is something “fresh and distinct”

The NHDK project consists of modified versions of the same construction, which has been re-envisioned in 88 ways. It is an interesting concept which shows how our cities would look like if it were to stop taking into consideration the laws of physics.

The career in 3D visualization has certainly paid off as the photographer’s project is “fresh and distinct”, not “funny or crazy”. These are the words used for describing himself on his personal website and we can definitely agree with them.

Víctor Enrich has posted the entire NHDK image collection on his official website so that anybody can check out his artworks.

NHDK project is here to teach you that the “world can be reformulated a thousand times”

Víctor Enrich’s work may inspire other photographers or image editors to do the same. The younger generation needs to take their ideas from somewhere and the NHDK project is a great way to start.

The photographer is a good role model for young folks who are not looking to abide by the laws of design that are thought in school.

The distorted visions of this Munich building do not have to be the same with the interpretations of other structures, so always remember to unleash your creativity as the “world can be reformulated a thousand times in a single day”.

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