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Photoshop Elements Online Training Classes for Photographers


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MCP Actions has provided online, interactive Photoshop training classes for photographers for more than 4 years.  The only complaint we get is that we don’t have classes for Elements users. Now that we are slowly working on getting more and more MCP Photoshop action sets compatible with Elements, we thought it was about time. Erin Peloquin, MCP’s Elements Guru, will be conducting these classes through her site, Texas Chicks Blog and Pics.  If you are frustrated by Elements, or if you just want to learn more, you will love what she has to offer. If you have Elements 8, Elements 7, Elements 6 or 5, come join in the learning fun! By the time you are finished, you will be editing your photos to perfection.  These training sessions are perfect because you can learn right at your own computer and they cater to both hobbyists and professional photographers.

Registration for Photoshop Elements from A to Z and Elements Actions from A to Z has just opened.

Need a crash course in Elements?  Elements from A to Z will take you on a start to finish tour of Elements and give you the knowledge to make your images masterpieces. This online group training class is similar to the MCP Beginner’s Bootcamp Class for Photoshop. But is catered just to Elements users!

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Need a little help in using your actions to their full potential?  Elements Actions from A to Z is the class for you. This online group training class is similar to the MCP Watch Me Work Class for Photoshop. In the MCP Photoshop training, I work on your images showing you which actions and steps I would take from beginning to end. In the Elements version Erin is running, she will show you the same, but in Elements. Learn to get from point A to point Z, all with Erin’s help and support.


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