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Quick Tip: How to get rid of STOPS in photoshop actions?


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I get a lot of questions from customers about what to do when Photoshop starts acting like it is in control. I am going to be posting some frequent asked questions from MCP Actions customers and blog visitors.

If you have a quick question about Photoshop you want answered, please email me and I may use it in a future blog entry. If you have lots of questions on lengthier topics, please contact me for details on my MCP one on one training.

Question: “I love using photoshop actions. Sometimes they have “stops” and I am tired of Photoshop popping up messages when I already know how to use the action. Is there any way to prevent this?”

Answer: You need to make sure the stop is not vital to the action working. I recommend 1st duplicating the action so you do not accidentally mess it up. Then decide if you need each stop. Usually stops are put in to give pop up directions on what to do next. If you know the action well, you may not need a note telling you to do a particular task. I highly recommend NOT deleting the stop, as you never know when you may need to refer back to it. A better solution is to turn it off. Doing this is easy. Find the “stop” and uncheck it as shown below.

unchecking-a-stop Quick Tip: How to get rid of STOPS in photoshop actions? Photoshop Tips & Tutorials

Then run it and make sure it still works and does what you wanted it to do, just without the instructions. If it does, you now need to save it. To do this, make sure the main folder for the action is highlighted (not just the individual action). Then click on the mark in the upper right corner of the actions palette, as circled.

Next, go to save and name the action. I recommend naming it the same (and adding – “No Stop” so you know that version is the one without stops.)

saving-a-modified-action Quick Tip: How to get rid of STOPS in photoshop actions? Photoshop Tips & Tutorials

That is it – you are done! Super easy and it will speed things up – but do not try this until you know the particular action well.


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