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Mind-boggling realistic surreal photography by Rob Woodcox


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Photographer Rob Woodcox captures realistic surreal portraits of people in danger, triggering the feeling of mystery in the eyes of the beholders.

Surrealism and realism are two very different cultural movements. The former consists of illogical scenes with absurd ideas, while the latter is aiming to show the real truth, without any unbelievable scenarios.

This is why people would think that it is impossible to combine the two. However, photographer Rob Woodcox has other ideas and his work is described as both surreal and real, but amazingly mind-boggling nonetheless.

Rob Woodcox creates realistic surreal portrait photos

His photo project is based on realistic surrealism as it consists of portraits of people in danger with an ethereal look to add the supernatural points. This is a daring concept coming from a very young photographer, which is testimony to a raw talent that does not have any limits.

The dreamy portraits captured by Rob Woodcox will intrigue viewers, making them fear for the main subjects of the viewers, not knowing what is going to happen with them.

Intriguing scenarios put people in danger

Some of the most intriguing images consist of a young man levitating and holding an animal’s skull in his hands. Another photo of a man covered in paint is sitting in half-naked in the middle of the street inviting us the beholders to keep quiet while pointing at the unknown is sure to strike fear in your hearts.

The project goes on with a shot of many humans sitting in wooden boxes somewhere in a forest. The boxes are hanged from trees, but an even more surreal image depicts a young man hanging in a room from various cables.

As stated above, the scenes are real, but the scenarios are surreal, and will certainly put the viewer’s mind to a test.

Viewers will never know whether the subjects are fine or not

The Michigan-based photographer has also revealed an image of a woman holding on a fence as heavy winds are passing by. Once again, this is a photo that stays truthful to the uncertain, with the viewers not knowing whether the girl will be all right or if something bad will happen to her.

Two other subjects have been caught in a fire, but they appear to be resigned with their fate. The full project is available at the official website of Rob Woodcox, where you can also get in contact with the photographer and buy some realistic surreal photo prints for your home or office.

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