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Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools’ Day


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Both Samsung and HTC have introduced next-generation wearable devices, Google is hiring people, while Nokia is bringing back good memories with the help of a new smartphone and it is all happening today.

The next big thing in mobile technology is represented by wearables, such as Google Glass and smartwatches. Samsung and HTC appear to think alike as the two companies have made a couple of similar and surprising announcements earlier on April 1.

The two smartphone giants have unveiled the first wearable gloves in the world. Samsung Fingers and HTC Gluuv will soon become available with amazing new features in order to open the doors to a broad range of possibilities.

On the other hand, Google is aiming to hire Pokemon Masters, but you have to catch them all first. Furthermore, Nokia has unveiled a PureView version of the original 3310, one of the best and most popular phones of all time as well as a new mapping service called Here Papyrus.

Samsung Fingers unveiled, a thin and light wearable glove with an Emo-LED touchscreen

samsung-fingers Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools' Day Fun

Samsung Fingers is the next-gen device in the wearables category. It’s a high-tech glove that you can wear as a glove.

The new Samsung Fingers is the thinnest and lightest glove in the world. It measures 0.2mm in thickness and weighs only one gram. It features a Super Emo-LED 3-inch touchscreen and a 16-megapixel camera to ensure that your selfies have a high quality.

The new device comes packed with 5G and WiFi-902.11wz technologies which will provide unparalleled download and upload speeds.

Two of the most important features are “Talk to the Hand” and “Hand-Rec”. The former allows users to start chatting with another person without paying any attention to him or her, while the latter recognizes whether something is too cold or too hot.

Recharging the batteries is quite easy as solar charging is supported – just raise your hand up and let the sun do the rest. Hand gestures are supported, too, and allow users to place, accept, or reject calls. Oh, and if someone pulls your finger, the Samsung glove will output a flatulence auditory reproduction.

Samsung Fingers comes in multiple versions, such as Tough and Class. All feature an S Laser, which consists of a beam projector that displays full HD holograms. More details can be found at Samsung’s website.

HTC announces Gluuv, a wearable glove to compete against Samsung Fingers

htc-gluuv Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools' Day Fun

HTC Gluuv is a wearable glove with an impressive 87.2-megapixel camera.

HTC Gluuv combines the shape of a glove with the power of a smartphone. This wearable device is integrated with the newly-announced HTC One M8, allowing users to communicate in unimaginable ways.

The HTC wearable glove also offers the best audio quality in the world thanks to the HTC BoomBass technology. Moreover, the new Gluuv makes you more social. If you like a coffee shop, then you can give it a “thumbs up” in order to automatically like its Facebook page.

The display on this glove stands at full HD resolution, but one of its most impressive traits is the camera which can capture photos at 87.2 megapixels. After capturing a shot, you can add bokeh effects to it with a pinch gesture. The full story is available at HTC’s official website.

Google is now hiring Pokemon Masters

There is no better time to quit your job than today. Do it right now! Well, if you think that this is a bad advice, then you should know that Google is hiring and they are not looking for new programmers or designers.

In fact, the great Googzilla is looking for Pokemon Masters. Anybody can apply for this position as long as he demonstrates that he is the best. This can be easily done through Google Maps for iOS or Android. Go to “search” and then press “start” in order to begin the quest and find all Pokemons.

“Catch them all” and you can too be a Pokemon Master at Google!

Google introduces Gmail Shelfie – an email service with personality

gmail-shelfie Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools' Day Fun

Gmail Shelfie offers users the possibility of setting up a theme which consists of their selfie on their email account.

Google has another surprise in tow for you! It has introduced the Gmail Shelfie, an email service with personality. Custom themes have been available for a long time in Gmail, but you could not quite personalize it using your own ideas.

In order to fix the aforementioned problem, Google has decided to introduce the Gmail Shelfie, which stands for Shareable Selfies. Your Gmail account can be customized with your own selfie or you can use a selfie captured by another person.

If you think your shelfie is better than others, then you can share it with your friends and give them a taste of awesomeness. Access your Gmail account and you will know what to do from there.

Nokia 3310 PureView revealed as an indestructible 41-megapixel smartphone

nokia-3310-pureview Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools' Day Fun

The legendary Nokia 3310 phone has been given a makeover which consists of Windows Phone 8, new colors, and a 41-megapixel PureView camera.

Nokia is jumping on the bandwagon of April 1 announcements with the launch of the Nokia 3310 PureView. The company’s iconic phone is now a smartphone with a 3-inch ClearDiamond touchscreen and a heavily modified version of Windows Phone 8.

The Nokia 3310 PureView will become available soon in several colors. However, regardless of the color, the phone will be indestructible and will come packed with Snake II, Pairs II, and Bantumi – an app for creating monophonic ringtones.

On the back of the smartphone photographers will be able to find a 41-megapixel camera, identical to the one found in the Nokia Lumia 1020. The entire specs list can be found at the official Nokia Conversations website.

Nokia presents HERE Papyrus consisting of augmented reality maps made out of paper

here-papyrus Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools' Day Fun

Nokia has announced the new HERE Papyrus paper maps. They are so high-tech that they even feature augmented reality support.

Many people do not know that Nokia is a giant player in the mapping business. The company’s Ovi Maps has been rebranded to HERE Maps and is available also on iOS devices, not just on the Windows Phone models.

Nevertheless, the Finnish corporation has launched yet another mapping service called Here Papyrus. It is here so that travelers will no longer have to rely on electronic devices to find landmarks in unfamiliar places.

HERE Papyrus consists of maps made out of paper, but with a twist as it supports augmented reality features. The new Papyrus maps are available for purchase in gas stations across 97 countries and can be used by drivers and pedestrians alike.

Let us know which new product or service is your favorite! Oh, and do not take them so seriously as April Fools’ Day banters are supposed to put a big smile on your face.

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