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Samyang 50mm cine lens set for August 26 announcement


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Samyang has begun teasing its fans on Facebook that it will announce a new lens on August 26 and rumors are saying that this is most likely a sought-after 50mm cine optic.

One of the third-party lens manufacturers which is getting lots of love from photographers is Samyang. Some of you may know the company by Rokinon, Vivitar, Opteka or other brands. They are all the same thing and they are all known for their excellent price/performance ratio.

Earlier this year, it has been revealed that the manufacturer will launch a new optic, which would be added to the VDSLR line-up. The most likely candidate is a 50mm cine lens, which has been rumored for a very long time.

As the rumor mill is still fighting over the maximum aperture, the company is teasing the product on Facebook, where it has confirmed that the optic will be introduced on August 26.

dreams-come-true Samyang 50mm cine lens set for August 26 announcement Rumors

Samyang says that “dreams come true”. The company will most likely announce a 50mm cine lens on August 26.

Samyang says that “the wait is over”, teases August 26 announcement event

The new Samyang 50mm cine lens has been previously believed to be revealed at Photokina 2014. Unsurprisingly, the announcement date will be scheduled for an earlier date.

This is something that lots of companies do in order to make sure that people will find out about their products and will not be lost among the multitude of cameras and lenses at the world’s largest digital imaging trade fair.

Samyang has not provided too many details. However, the placement of the teased lens makes us believe that this is the 50mm lens. Additionally, the teaser reads “the wait is over!” and the company’s fans have surely waited a long time for this cine optic.

Photographers should expect a new Samyang 50mm cine lens

The discussion about the maximum aperture remains. All values between f/1.2 and f/2 have been brought into discussion with f/1.5 being mentioned, too, although T1.5 would have made much more sense.

Since this is a cine lens, we should expect Samyang to label the aperture value with “T” instead of “f”, but you can never be too certain.

Currently, the most mentioned values refer to either a 50mm f/1.2 or 50mm f/2 lens. The manufacturer is only saying that the optic will offer “pro performance” at the “right” price.

As said in the teaser, the truth will be revealed on August 26, so stay tuned for the official product launch event!

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