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Sony A65 replacement will never be released on the market


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Sony has revealed that the SLT-A65 A-mount camera, announced in August 2011, will not get a replacement as the mid-range A-mount line-up will only be populated by the new A77 II.

The E-mount series has been more successful than the A-mount. The NEX and newer Alpha models have been receiving better reviews while putting more money in Sony’s bank accounts, thus making a lot of photographers worry about the future of the A-mount.

Sony A58 has been launched in February 2013. More than a year has passed since its introduction, but the PlayStation maker returned to this series with the unveiling of the A77 II in the early hours of May 1.

As a result, the A-mount line-up now consists of the high-end A99, the mid-range A77 II and A65, and the low-end A58. There is no doubt that the A99 is getting a successor soon as well as the A58, just like the rumor mill has told us on previous occasions.

Unfortunately, it seems like a Sony A65 replacement is not in the works and it is not coming to the market sometime in the future.

Sony A65 replacement is not in development and will never enter such stage

sony-a65 Sony A65 replacement will never be released on the market Rumors

Sony A65 will never get a successor. The A-mount camera appears to have been discontinued by the company, while a replacement is not in development.

During the launch of the Sony A77 II, the Japan-based company has revealed some interesting slides concerning the A-mount’s future. According to the slide, the A65 appears to have been discontinued, while its counterparts will continue to live on.

There is an unmistakable dot at the end of the A65 line, suggesting that this is the end of the camera, whose introduction has surprised a lot of people who have called it “unnecessary”.

The A65 shares similar specs with the A77, including a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, OLED electronic viewfinder, full HD video recording, and tilting LCD screen. However, the remainder of its features are noticeably lower-end than the ones of the A77.

Moreover, the A65 does not have a predecessor like the A77, which serves as a successor for the Alpha 700. This camera has simply showed up on the market out of nowhere, so its discontinuity should not come as a surprise, though the shooter continues to be available at Amazon for a price a little under $600.

Sony rumored to announce RX100M3 camera, A7S price, and more on May 7

Sony will hold a new event on May 7 in order to reveal the Sony RX100M3 and the Sony A7S price. These two announcements should have been made on May 1 along with the A77 II launch, but the company has decided to split them for some reason.

Moreover, the Japanese manufacturer might announce the price of the new Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4 lens. The rumor mill is claiming that the lens will become available in August for a price around the one of the Zeiss FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens, which costs about $1,200 at Amazon.

As usual, stay tuned as the event is getting closer and you can be the first to get the news with our help!

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