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Sony A7RII set to be a minor upgrade over the A7R after all


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The announcement of the Sony A7RII full-frame mirrorless camera is approaching and a trusted source is claiming that the new model will not suffer too many changes when compared to its predecessor.

One of the most rumored cameras of recent times should have been announced by now, according to the gossip mill. However, the Sony A7RII has not been revealed and it could be another two weeks before it becomes official.

In the meantime, reliable sources are leaking more details about this mirrorless camera. The latest information is stating that the Sony A7RII will not employ a big-megapixel sensor, as previously rumored, instead being a minor upgrade, as initially reported.

sony-a7r-rumors Sony A7RII set to be a minor upgrade over the A7R after all Rumors

Sony A7R is nearing the end of its life, as the A7RII is rumored to become official in mid-June.

Trusted source: Sony A7RII will feature same sensor, but with built-in IS

The first Sony A7RII rumors have said that the FE-mount shooter will offer a few improvements over the A7R. As time went by, some voices suggested that the sensor may have over 50 megapixels and some photos uploaded by Zeiss had such high-resolution.

Sources have suggested that a high-resolution mode could be added into the MILC. Anyway, it appears that the Olympus-like high-res mode will not be present, nor a bigger-megapixel sensor.

The upcoming Sony A7RII will employ the same 36.4-megapixel image sensor, reiterates a trusted source. The improvements will also consist of in-body image stabilization technology, a quicker autofocus system, and an electronic first curtain shutter that will be completely silent.

All these specifications have been mentioned in the past, so they are most likely the ones to be accurate.

Sony to unveil A7RII in mid-June with new RAW technology and more

In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, Sony will make other changes, too. The A7RII could employ a new image processor, allowing the camera to capture more frames per second in continuous shooting mode.

Additionally, the FE-mount MILC might be the company’s first camera to feature a brand new RAW technology. The details about this are scarce, but a source has said that the image quality will be increased this way.

The new processing engine will improve the low-light capabilities of the camera, too. It has been said that noise will be reduced at high ISO sensitivity settings or the maximum ISO could be kicked up a notch. We will find out if this is true around mid-June, as this is the period when the camera is expected to be unveiled by the PlayStation maker.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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