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Sony RX200 rumored to feature 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens


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Sony RX100, the compact camera that could replace the Sony RX100 Mark II, is rumored to feature a newly-patented 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens.

The summer is coming which means that Sony may be on the verge of announcing a new compact camera with a 1-inch-type image sensor. The device would replace the RX100 Mark II, which in turn succeeded the original RX100, courtesy of several notable improvements.

Ahead of the launch timeframe, Sony has patented a new 10-36mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens for compact cameras with 1-inch-type sensors. This translates into a 35mm equivalent lens of 28-100mm, an identical focal range to what we are seeing in both the RX100 and RX100 II, and one which is probably heading to the Sony RX200.

Sony patents 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens (35mm equivalent) for cameras with 1-inch-type sensors

sony-10-36mm-f1.8-2.8-oss Sony RX200 rumored to feature 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens Rumors

Sony 10-36mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens patent describes a new optic for compact cameras with 1-inch-type sensors. This lens offers a 35mm equivalent of 28-100mm and could make its way into the Sony RX200.

Patents, which get leaked on the web, are capable of telling interesting stories and predicting the future. The latest in a long series of patents making their way into the vastness of the internet consists of a Sony 10-36mm f/1.8-2.8 lens with built-in Optical SteadyShot technology.

The documents have revealed that the lens has been designed for compact cameras with 1-inch-type image sensors. This is definitely a hint towards the RX100 series, which should be refreshed sometime this summer.

The lens would offer a 35mm equivalent of 28-100mm, the same focal length range offered by the optics found in the RX100 and RX100 Mark II, therefore it is natural to assume that it will become available in the Sony RX200.

Sony RX200 to come packed with the patented 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens

According to the rumor mill, the lens will make its way into the Sony RX200 this summer. Right from the start, we can say that the new camera is a lot brighter than the current offer, which reaches a maximum aperture of f/4.9 at the telephoto end of 100mm.

A fast aperture coupled of f/2.8 at 100mm with OSS technology means that the RX200 will be great at capturing low-light photos. The Japanese maker has recently proven its ability to develop low-light beasts, as the new Sony A7S offers a maximum ISO of 409,600 that allows users to see in the dark.

The internal design revealed in the 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens patent mostly consists of 12 pieces into 10 groups. However, Sony has also described a version with 12 pieces in nine groups. Nevertheless, all of them offer five ashperical elements to raise the image quality.

Meanwhile, Amazon is offering the original RX100 for a price under $550, whereas the RX100 Mark II is available for a price below $700.

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