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Emotional photos of three young girls fighting cancer


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Photographer Lora Scantling has captured a series of emotional photos of three young girls fighting cancer in order to raise awareness when it comes to this horrible disease that also affects children.

There is a dark statistic which says that more than 13,000 children below 19 years old are diagnosed with cancer in the United States on a yearly basis.

This sad information comes from the American Childhood Cancer Organization, yet a lot of people seem to be unaware that kids can be affected by this deadly disease.

A picture is worth a thousand words therefore photographer Lora Scantling has decided to create a campaign that would raise awareness regarding childhood cancer.

Photographer Lora Scantling raising childhood cancer awareness using emotional photos

Goodger Photography, Penelope’s Children Boutique, and PJ’s Boutique have all come to help Scantling Photography and together have created a touching photo series consisting of portraits of three young girls battling cancer.

Cancer is no stranger to the Oklahoma-based photographer as her stepfather has been fighting this disease for months. Stage-four lung cancer is affecting her dad, while one of her friends has recently lost her one-year-old child to leukemia.

Raising awareness against cancer should not be very difficult, but sometimes people are oblivious to the horrors that are occurring in this world. However, the three girls named Rylie, Ainsley, and Rheann have managed to impress thousands of Facebook users, a lot of them asking how they can help the children.

Rylie, Ainsley, and Rheann: three young girls fighting cancer

Rylie is age 3 and she has just managed to win the fight against stage-five kidney cancer. Ainsley is 4 years old and her leukemia is in remission, while Rheann is a 6-year-old girl who is fighting against brain cancer.

The image series shows the girls wearing vintage outfits coming from Penelope’s Children Boutique, and PJ’s Boutique, two local shops. Although the girls had never met prior to the photo shoot, they bonded together in an instant.

Moreover, their parents have become friends and are constantly checking to see how their angels are doing in the fight against cancer.

Strength comes in knowing that you are not alone

The emotional photos also feature messages to the people, one of them reminding us that “sometimes strength comes in knowing that you are not alone”.

It is important to have someone alongside you when battling an illness, but if you are alone, just remember that there are others who would like to help and you simply have to show them how they can help.

Wipe your tears and seek out more information about the three young girls fighting cancer at Lora Scantling’s official website.

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