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Transiting the moon makes the ISS look like the Enterprise


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Romanian photographer Maximilian Teodorescu has managed to capture an amazing shot of the International Space Station transiting the moon and looking like the USS Enterprise.

Astrophotography is gaining traction as photographers around the world are looking to capture amazing shots of the sun, moon, or other celestial bodies.

iss-transiting-the-moon Transiting the moon makes the ISS look like the Enterprise Exposure

International Space Station can be seen transiting the moon through the sensor of a Canon 550D camera and the lens of a Maksutov 150mm f/12 telescope. In this shot, the ISS looks like the Star Trek’s starship Enterprise. Credits: Maximilian Teodorescu.

Romanian photographer used a Maksutov 150mm f/12 telescope and Canon 550D to capture the ISS transiting the moon

A Romania-based photographer has decided to test a Maksutov telescope by capturing a shot of the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the moon, with more than amazing results. The image has been captured in broad daylight, at 6:17PM local time, making the ISS look like the USS Enterprise, the main ship of the popular Star Trek series.

Maximilian Teodorescu has recently got his hands on a Maksutov 150mm f/12 telescope, which is quite good for astrophotography. He connected the telescope to a Canon 550D camera and started shooting.

The space station is orbiting Earth at speeds of 17,000 mph, meaning that it can be seen over the moon for 0.6 seconds, leaving only a small window for photographers to immortalize the moment.

Photographer found out the exact moment when the ISS was transiting the moon using CalSky

The location of the ISS can be easily tracked using CalSky, but capturing this shot requires great skill and cunning. The image has been taken at 1/1250th of a second shutter speed and 800 ISO sensitivity in Dumitrana, Ilfov, a small village located near the capital city Bucharest.

Star Trek’s George Takei noticed that the ISS looks just like the starship Enterprise

This amazing photo has made it to the front page of SpaceWeather, a website which focuses on space-related stuff. Since the image went viral, actor George Takei has also seen it on the web.

Takei, who played a major role in the Star Trek series, said that, from this angle, the ISS looks like a starship he once flew. Well, the actor is pretty much right and this may well be a once in a lifetime shot.

This image and other photos taken by Maximilian Teodorescu can be found at the photographer’s WordPress website.

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